HD Brows (High Definition Brows)

HD means High Definition, a concept created by renowned brow specialist Nilam Patel, which has in recent years, turned the simple ‘bread and butter’ treatment into a cult following, celeb-crazed phenomenon. She single-handedly changed the mundane brow shape into a full brow experience.

What’s all the fuss about?

Oblige me – recall a favoured blurry fuzzy photo taken many moons ago via a disposable camera, and now think of the clarity of that picture if it could be taken on 40-pixel camera. That’s the difference one can expect to witness when receiving a HD brow treatment versus a regular ’5-minute brow shape’.

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HD Brows Treatment €37.50

hd brows

Monica Tolans HD Brow Stylists are the First Master Stylists trained in Ireland. Offering you this celebrity loved treatment exclusively performed by HD Brows Master stylists. Educated in the latest brow trends including brow lightening, ombré effect, and brushed up brows and advanced facial waxing techniques.
HD Brows ‘Express’ Treatment €20“The HD Brows Express Treatment” – this is a shorter service, tailored to your brow needs, and is excellent for maintaining your shape between HD Brows appointments without affecting your re-growth programme.
HD Brows Brow Lightening €40Brow lightening is used to match prominent or dark brows to the clients hair colour. Enables tinting of grey/white hairs that don’t usually take on colour due to hair structure.