Dec 5 2013

Beauty Review | HD Brows – Why they work so well

journalist-reviewThere’s no denying that the HD brow treatment has highlighted and educated us all on the importance of a well-structured polished brow, and how it can enhance the face.

HD means High Definition, a concept created by renowned brow specialist Nilam Patel, which has in recent years, turned the simple ‘bread and butter’ treatment into a cult following, celeb-crazed phenomenon. She single-handedly changed the mundane brow shape into a full brow experience.

What’s all the fuss about?

Oblige me – recall a favoured blurry fuzzy photo taken many moons ago via a disposable camera, and now think of the clarity of that picture if it could be taken on 40-pixel camera. That’s the difference one can expect to witness when receiving a HD brow treatment versus a regular ’5-minute brow shape’.

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July 2013

Sponsor the Bumper Race at this year’s Bellewstown Races

bellewstown races bellewstown Races 2

Monica Tolan No1 Beauty and Skincare Specialists were thrilled to have been asked to Sponsor the Bumper Race at this year’s Bellewstown Races.







Hollys Eyebrows By Monica Tolan No 1 Beauty and Skincare Specialists



Monica Tolans asked to do HD Brow on
the Voice of Ireland



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