Severe Sun Damage

“Too much sunlight over lengthy periods can cause damage to cells and structural proteins in the skin. The higher energy radiation of ultraviolet light can also damage DNA components and degrade the physical structure of the skin. Vital cancer suppressing genes like gene P53 can also be damaged or destroyed, opening the gate to the formation of skin cancer. Sun-damaged skin becomes thin with poor cellular health, brittle collagen, perished elastin and wasted or disorganised sub-cutaneous fat. Previously smooth, healthy-looking skin then looks wrinkled, rough, red and blotchy due to this damage, providing poor protection against the outside world. The good news is that cells retain all of the information necessary to be rescued and rejuvenated and to form new generations of skin cells. One can gradually introduce vitamin A and other stimulating proteins to help restore skin cells and structures.” Dr Ernst Eiselen, MBChB, FRACGP.