Christmas Comes Early at Monical Tolans

Boo!! We are very excited in our skin rooms as October means Christmas kits

Yes, you heard me right, Santa comes early at Monica Tolans.

All our Christmas Kits are being packed by our busy elves and transported to your homes.
This year's exclusive kit is our most exciting and busiest yet. Experience healthy looking, beautiful skin with a complete skincare routine of powerhouse formulations, designed with essential vitamins, antioxidants and other specialised ingredients. This kit has everything you need for beautiful, healthy skin for a lifetime.

Click here to order your Environ Christmas kit now! 

Are You On The Naughty Or Nice List? If, like me, you’ve been mostly nice this year, then make sure to ask Santa for a subscription to our Skin Deep by Corinna Tolan boxWe just finalized the content for the Christmas Skin Deep box and we blew the budget on this one so do not miss out. You have been briefed but you can always find out more here.

My top three hero products

Youth Biome and Body Discovery Duo                                           

I sourced and created this pack myself so we could bring these incredible, fast-acting products to you at a very affordable price. We have limited supplies, and this will not be available for sale again so order today so you don’t miss out. 10 capsules of Youth Biome, the world’s only probiotic formulated with skin in mind, and Environs powerful duo, The A, C and E oil which can be used as an introductory product for problem skin or on top of an AVST at night for extra hydration and Vit A.

We also have the Dermalac lotion, a product containing lactic acid. This can be pressed into clean skin as used as a skin brightener and softener, or, made up in a cocktail with the oil to treat a range of dry skin conditions.

Super Moisturizer

This is always my essential product for extra hydration in the winter months, a favourite amongst South Africa’s Olympic swimming team too. Ideal for those that love extra hydration or do not wish to use topical Vitamin A as this doesn’t contain any.

Also, a lovely bridging product as we reach for it when a client experiences a negative response to Vitamin A, this product will harbour better behaviour from your own natural moisturizing factor, sealing the moisture in the skin, preventing it from drying out. It can be used under (to filter) or on top of your AVST or on its own. Men love this product too.

Clinicare Refresh Step 1 and 2

Now that the Winter months are here, and we are more often in heated environments, the ceramides (little water balloons ) in our skin may dip, resulting in skin drying out a potentially responding negatively to Vitamin A, stand by for our ultimate hero for dry skin. Clinicare refresh step 1 and 2.

I often say if Environ skincare is the kings of Vitamin A, then Clinicare are the Queens of Hyaluronic acid. A natural humectant that’s found within the skin makes this a key ingredient in skincare as the skin recognizes it and loves to see it coming.  It acts like a sponge attracting 1000 times its weight in water. Step 1 is a unique feature too, with over 40% active ingredients, the HA will grab it as it passes into the skin, bringing with it more game-changing ingredients.

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