The End Of The Road

You began your journey to skin health on AVST 1, remained focused and on course, proud of each leap up the ladder only to find yourself on AVST 5 and looking left and right, not knowing where to go next. Or have you reached the end of the road ? The answer is of course not, we have got you this far and we are not quitting now. Especially when you are just getting used to that compacted stratum corneum glow, reduced lines and wrinkles and more even complexion. More importantly , we can’t let you remain static only for your sister, best friend and the other mums at the school gates to catch up on you. The truth is, when you hit AVST 5 you are only halfway there, but the road splits at this stage and you must decide which direction you want to pursue . You will either require heightened normalisation, in which case we must reach for the chief problem solving ingredient, Vit A. But not just any form of Vit A , we must reach for retinol, the alcohol and most potent form of Vit A. We will do this when we have problems that require smoothing out, problems such as breakouts, faster healing, and pigmentation. Also if you are on a tight budget, retinol 1 makes more sense that the higher end , youth essential range . If you choose the retinol road, you will purchase retinol 1 and cocktail it into your AVST 5 2-3 evenings a week. Listen to your greatest skincare advisor, your skin itself . If it's telling you that it likes the effects of retinol 1 then include more evenings. Slowly working your way up to 7 mornings and 7 evenings per week. Do two rounds of retinol 1 before progressing to retinol 2.

Or maybe you are seeking more anti-aging. Breakouts have never been an issue for you, instead you are looking to undo the free radical damage of (sunny) days gone by. You are over 35 and have noticed your skin lose volume and become more aged . Then you need PEPTIDE POWER and there is no other skincare formulation in the world with more powerful peptides than the youth essentia line. Peptides are mini proteins. They are tiny building blocks that work by sending messages from one cell to another for example, from the keratinocyte, to the fibroblast to make more collagen . We also have a new type of Vit A in our youth essentia range, Retinyl Propionate. This is a very fast acting form of `Vit A that closely mimics retinol without any of its aggression. We also have the incredibly stable Ascorbyl tetra-isopalmitate (Vit C) With levels equivalent to Mela-Even cream , Vit C is essential for collagen production, inhibiting pigmentation and reducing redness by strengthening blood vessels. Last but by no means least , we have Juvinity and Malt secrets. Two free radical fighting antioxidants that will protect the skin from external aggressions such as sun and pollution . As a result of you already progressing to AVST 5 , you can go straight to youth essentia level 3. Cocktail this in with AVST 5 every morning and evening. Although both roads are packed with antioxidants, you must remember to apply a low level sunscreen on top and reapply every 2-3 hours until sunsets.

Why low level SPF ?? …. Well that’s an email for another day


Hero Products

Retinol 1/2/3

If Vit A is the master of molecules for the skin, then Retinol is the king of Vit A. A skin normaliser, cell communicator, antioxidant and sunscreen, virtually every symptom and sign of photoageing and many other skin conditions can be resolved with a Vit A.

Youth EssentiA Serums

Peptide powerhouses, these serums take anti-aging to a new level. Vit A and C rely on peptides and growth factors to relay their vital messages to promote skin Health. We also have antioxidants to help reduce environmental stress on the skin.

Skin Vit A

As we are now in winter months it’s almost impossible for us to make our own Vitamin D from sunlight . We need vitamin D to boost our immunity as well as our skin. Skin Vit A is our supplement with the mist Vit D but unfortunately it’s still nowhere near your RDA so seek out alternatives from your local pharmacist.


My name is Alexandra and I’m a skin specialist at Monica Tolan’s for almost 2 years now. I studied Business but beauty and skincare was always my greatest passion so after taking my degree in Marketing, I studied beauty for 3 years in Italy focusing on Dermatology and Chemistry applied in beauty. Over the past 11 years I’ve worked in the beauty field and took different trainings, such as all things beauty, plasma pen, microblading, radio frequency, cavitation, ultrasounds, cryotherapy, manual lifting, Bowen therapy, medical pedicure, permanent hair removal, working with both face and body treatments. My favourite treatments to carry out are facials and medical pedicure, treatments where you can actually see an improvement, working on both people’s health and confidence. I am very proud and grateful to work under Monica Tolan’s name , with over 40 years experience and having been awarded so many accolades over the years. Working alongside experienced colleagues and in a challenging and continually growing environment. Looking forward to helping even more people with my knowledge and experience and hopefully leaving a mark in the field.

Kind regards,


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