Face Mask Required

Face Mask Required

Start each day with a smile and end it with a Face Mask!

As I rummage through all the stunning festive compilations, I am trying to decide which one is my favourite and which I would like to receive or give as a gift.

I am so drawn to this stunning multi-mask set from Environ Skincare.

I am very proud of the collection of face masks I have gathered over time, and to think this kit contains 3 of my favourite masks in one kit.

When it comes to masking, I want you to consider two things, how you want to feel at the time and how you wish to feel in a few days. The answer to these questions will determine your mask of choice.

This kit brings far more to the table than just masking, and here is why.

Revival Mask 

  Known in the industry as a  "Facelift in a Jar." 
Revival mask was born by Dr Des Fernandes, creator and founder of Environ skincare, to mimic the effects of Skin Needling at home. This formulation contains three different acids that will momentarily panic or stress your skin, incurring a collagen response. Initially, you achieve the desired response after a 20min application, progressing to using the product a few nights in a row.
The reason is that the skin becomes tolerant, so increasing application frequency and or time will be conducive to a better result.
You will notice a refinement in pores, improvement in texture, and skin that will be brighter and firmer. The Ultimate Anti-Ageing Experience, At home.

Clay Mask

Is it a cleanser, Is it an exfoliating product, is it a hydrating face mask? No - It's all 3. There is no wrong way to incorporate this stunning mask into your routine.

Anti-pollution Face Mask 

This is the only mask from Environ that looks like you are masking.

Its beautiful grey charcoal colour will pull impurities from your skin. As well as an abundance of Antioxidants and hydrating agents like Shea butter and jojoba ester.

To purchase all 3 masks would cost €161 

but packaged together in this kit, all 3 cost €59

The size of each is less but it makes this the perfect opportunity to try all 3 and then invest in your favourite.