Gut Health

Hippocrates had a serious point to make! Current research has shown that a healthy gut is becoming more and more crucial to the optimal functioning of the human body as a whole. It is now known as our ‘second brain’ or enteric nervous system, communicating directly with the brain. The gut is part of our physiological stress response often resulting in ‘butterflies on our tummies’ when we are stressed or nervous. In fact, 95% of the body’s Serotonin is found on our large intestine showing us that our gut health is very susceptible to stress and therefore very important to keep in balance.

The Gut and Skin – The Science Bit

Recent research has shown the skin and gut to be inexorably linked as the homeostasis or balance of the skin – the skin is as you know a very active organ involved with protection, secretion, temperature and water regulation. It is in a constant state of renewal and for it to perform at its healthiest this regenerative process needs to be optimal – this is also why Vitamin A is King!

The gut microbiome directly supports epidermal health through increasing the efficacy of the epidermal barrier protection, reducing moisture loss through the outer layers of the skin and boosting the skin's ability to balance its bacterial levels and strengthen its immune response.

Unfortunately our gut health is not often optimal and when it isn’t functioning at its best - our skin's barrier becomes impaired, the skin is easily irritated by topicals and we get dehydrated, also skin conditions like Acne, Rosacea, Psoriasis and Dermatitis (especially Atopic) can really flare.

Very recent research in a Korean Study with human trials (2016) has also found a link between healthy gut bacteria levels and microbiome with the prevention of UV induced premature aging and after 12 weeks increased skin elasticity and skin hydration were evident - further studies are ongoing – but what promising news!

So How Can We Help Your Gut?

We have two amazing probiotics available for you from the Advanced Nutrition Programme – these are the highest quality supplements available in the treatment of skin conditions in particular

Youth Biome

This powerhouse supplement contains four amazing scientifically proven strains of probiotic bacteria along with added Vitamin C and is the only skin specific probiotic on the market globally.

  • Helps reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles (26% reduction in 12%)
  • Helps to nourish dehydrated skins (25% improved in 12 weeks)
  • Supports the natural barrier to ensure skin integrity and maximise skin health
  • Improve skin immunity function and reduce infections
  • Accelerate wound healing
  • Increase epidermal thickness and skin laxity
  • Decreases inflammation
  • For our pregnant clients Youth Biome helps to build a healthy birth canal and your babies gut health comes from your gut – so building gut health is a win for you both!

This probiotic is for everyone (unless you've an allergy to milk or soy) and an essential supplement for anyone experiencing Acne issues, Rosacea, eczema/dermatitis and psoriasis in particular.


This wonderful supplement is great for clients who don't like taking tablet as it comes in powder form - you can take 2.5 to 5 spoons daily, sprinkles on cold food or in a cold drink.

  • Aiding digestion and reducing digestive discomfort
  • Supporting the immune function of the gut which is very important for skin cell immunity which reduces skin flaring and resultant redness.
  • Combats the loss of natural gut flora
  • For our pregnant client’s these Probiotics can reduce the risk of allergies in their babies by 50% which is amazing!

Hero Products

100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Set

We are thrilled to have launched 100% mulberry silk pillowcases and sleep masks in time for Christmas as there are the perfect gift for your loved ones. A must have beauty accessory for your skin, as they will reduce wrinkles and dehydration. There are also key benefits to sleeping on silk for your hair - less breakage, frizz and less washing as the silk pillow will ensure your blow drying and styling lasts longer.


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HydraCream Fusion Cleanser from Mesoestetic

I have eagerly awaited this glow up from Mesoestatic cleansing range. A new generation of facial hygiene which provides effective cleansing actions, favours the balance of PH and skin flora (yes microbiome live on your skin too) and protects the skin against environmental pollution. The Hydracream fusion cleansers are an oil to cream formula, making it an ideal choice for dry sensitive skin and those who like to wear alot of makeup.


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I'm from Wexford but have been living in Dublin for 27 years now - I've been in the Beauty Industry for 24 for those wonderful years. I began my career under the mentorship of the amazing Fidelma Bergin of Coogan Bergin College of Beauty Therapy and was hired after training to work there as a tutor and therapist. Over the years I progressed to Head Tutor and then Vice-Principal of the college. I loved guiding my students through their training, building skills and confidence and mentoring them after qualifying – their success was truly my reward.

I was asked in 2010 to become an International Examiner for Beauty Therapy and Spa with CIDESCO who are regarded as the highest standard in global beauty therapy education, this has allowed me to travel the world and exposed me to the varying techniques and skills in each country I visited, proving to be an invaluable experience and allowing me to grow further as an educator and therapist.

I was delighted to be nominated for and win CIBTAC International Tutor of the Year 2012 and to go on to become the first Irish person to join the Education Committee with CIDESCO where I help in creating syllabi that are implemented across the world.

I had the opportunity to join the Monica Tolan’s in October 2019 and have loved every second of this new phase of my career. I have been able to apply my knowledge and skills to affect real change on our client’s skins and it is a privilege to have that opportunity.  To have Corinna as a mentor has been phenomenal.

The collective skills and generosity of knowledge of our team alongside a huge emphasis on constant training and upskilling makes Monica Tolan’s a powerhouse of results driven skin care and treatments…..being able to assist clients and guide them through their skin journey is what drives me …. I specialise in facial treatments and online skin consultations and love to bring our clients on from their initial consultation through to the facial couch where magic can continue. A big thank you to all the lovely clients who have worked with me and to our amazing team for always inspiring me.

Stay safe, double cleanse, wear your SPF, and I look forward to seeing you very soon!

Must Read

From the get-go there is a down to earth narrative explaining just how important our immune system is. Then, the book explains processes of digestion and illustrates ideas of how to work with your gut to help it perform its functions as best as it can. It speaks technically and of the chemical elements at play in our systems.

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