It’s time to fatten up

It’s time to fatten up

Do you have dry flaky skin or scalp. Are your nails soft and brittle? Do you have keratosis pilaris?

These are all signs that you are not taking in enough good fats in your diet.

What I reach for when treating impaired barriers

I often say your best skin advisor is your skin itself. And just like your body it will tell you when it requires more nourishment. It will even give you clear signals of what its requirements are and these are all indications that you need more good fats.
That’s because the body uses the fat you eat to build healthy lipid cell membrane. ⁣⁣⁣A healthy lipid membrane will lock moisture into the skin and resolve red, dry, or itchy skin caused by skin disorders like atopic dermatitis, rosecea, acne and psoriasis. It will also improve skin barrier function, sealing in moisture, stop TEWL ( Trans-epidermal water loss)  and keep out irritants like free radicals, viruses and harmful bacteria.
You have more than 10 trillion cells in your body and every single one of them needs high-quality fat.⁣ The higher-quality the fat you eat the better your brain will function too.
⁣I would love to tell you my diet is rich in fish oils. I remember training BJJ with a guy who would open a tin of mackerel after training and drop that whole fish down his throat. My tummy would heave but I would also be so envious of how he was benefiting from the nourishment the fish oil gave him. The truth is his skin, brain and nervous system would all win.
The right fats can improve your mood, skin, hair, and nails, while protecting you against Type 2 diabetes, dementia, cancer and much more.⁣⁣⁣ 

My Favourite Sources of Fat Include:

  • Avocados⁣⁣⁣
  • Nuts & seeds⁣⁣⁣
  • Fatty fish - rich in omega-3 fats⁣⁣⁣
  • Extra virgin olive oil ⁣⁣⁣
  • Grass-fed or sustainably raised animal products ⁣⁣⁣

And for those of us who struggle to include these in our diet we have two different fish oil supplements from Advanced nutrition program.

Skin Omegas+

Skin Omegas+ is formulated with vitamin A (400iu) as well as omegas 3 (EPA) and omegas 6 (GLA) made from Evening Primrose Oil. For those who wish to omit Vit A, we have Omega 3

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Omega 3 Fish Oils

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Skin Collagen Support

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Skin Collagen Plus

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Collagen Burger Collab!!

I joke, I am not collaborating with Barry Kerrigan to make a collagen burger because the truth is all his burgers are already collagen burgers as is every piece of meat on his shelf. I don’t believe people are deficient in collagen. You see collagen is in all protein foods, your body takes that protein and breaks it down into little building blocks called amino acids, and the your body reassembles them into collagen. So if, like most of the meat eating population, you are taking enough protein into your diet then you are simply buying into a marketing ploy by purchasing any item containing bovine collagen. We are lead to believe collagen is gonna land on your ass, lips or skin .

However, the process of building collagen from the nutrients you eat requires a synergy of nutrients and that’s what we fill our collagen support supplement with. Collagen support delivers all the nutrients you require to heighten and build your own collagen farms.

I started in Monica Tolan Malahide working on the front desk. I have always had an interest and passion for beauty and skincare. Through my work in the Malahide clinic I have gained invaluable knowledge and experience of the industry.
The Malahide clinic was an interesting and exciting place to work as it always had a busy and vibrant atmosphere. I loved the relationships we had with long term clients and enjoyed building ones with new clients. Clients would travel from all over Ireland to come to the clinic, it always amazed me how far they would travel to come to get looked after by the Monica Tolan Team. 
During the first covid lockdown I was lucky to be able to be still working from home. When we reopened in summer 2020 I took on a new job role in Balbriggan as part of the admin team. I was welcomed into a new office space. I looked after all orders for Monica Tolan. Working within orders allowed me to build up a relationship with our suppliers and their teams. Working as part of the admin team it showed me the behind the scenes of running a successful business.
I am very lucky to be part of such an amazing hardworking team. Working in an all female team is inspiring and empowering, I am excited to see this business grow more. 
I hope to see all the team again soon. Love Roisin