Wine Not?

Wine Not?

Wine Not?

I met a client during the week who told me they were doing "Sober October" she explained that she felt her alcohol uptake was too high, and reluctantly, she had to pull it in as it was affecting her health. I did "Dry January" this year, too, and honestly, it was the best I have ever felt, which is such a shame as I enjoy a glass of wine. Maybe if we dive a little deeper into the disastrous effects alcohol has on the skin, it'll make us all more sober curious. Also, Silly Season is approaching very fast. If you plan on being very merry throughout, you may need to plan to minimize the collateral damage to the skin you care so much for and invest so wisely all year round. Alcohol is actually one of the worst, most aggressive compounds to destroy your skin and will massively accelerate aging. Alcohol affects any mucous membrane, from the pancreas and liver to the skin. The first effect is dehydration, as it actually takes all the fluid out of the skin. Yes, that's the same hydration you spend your days and nights trying to feed your skin.


Alcohol is also incredibly inflammatory and can trigger all inflammatory skin conditions like rosacea, acne, flushing and telangiectasia (enlarged or prominent blood vessels). Alcohol may also trigger a histamine response in the body which can cause the skin to become itchy and swollen and red.


Also, and we knew this already, alcohol consumption impairs your sleep, and dehydration compromises the regenerative cycle your body enters while you rest. This decreases normal cellular turnover and leads to an unhealthy, dull complexion. So basically counteracts the work of Vit A in the skin.

Different alcohols have different effects on the skin, but as a general rule, the clearer, the better, vodka, gin, and tequila get out of your system quicker. If you're going to drink anything, in my opinion, drink vodka that doesn't have a grain in it. Choose a sugar-free mixer, as sugar is the skin's enemy too, but that's a whole other email. I am not the Grim Reaper lol. 


As we age, it's harder for our bodies to recover. I imagine this is why I only ever experienced a 3-day hangover in my mid 30's. The fear didn't exist in my 20's. When you're 20 years old and drink, that alcohol leaves your body in about three hours. When you're 40 years old, it takes an average of 33 hours. If your transit time is three hours, that means you can drink on Monday, and by Tuesday, it's out of your body. If you're 40 and you drink on Monday, give your body at least three days to recover before drinking alcohol again. Minimize to once or twice a week—the lower the intake, the lower the damage to your skin.


Finally, WATER H2O, If you are going to drink alcohol, at least drink lots of water with it. A glass of water with every drink will dilute the effects and keep you are your skin hydrated. I say skin cause I know that's all your love language, but the truth is every organ in the body will benefit. The one you will feel benefit most is your brain. If I have white wine, I will order sparkling water to add to it, or my Mums favourite choice was vodka and sparkling water with lemon. No sugar and no grain, no wonder I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the land. 

My antidotes to alcohols effect on skin are:

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Until next time, drink sensibly