• Pigmentation - Be Gone!

    Pigmentation - Be Gone!
        I can smell it. It's on the way. Daylight hours are reducing, and although we have been blessed with fine weather this week. and last, winter is only around the corner. I am not going to lie. I love Autumn. I love the light, the orange tinge to the leaves. I love the fashion, lighting the fire in the evenings and having...
  • The winter skin essentials to support dry skin

    The winter skin essentials to support dry skin
    The weather has started to change, the heating is on – winter has arrived, which means changes to your skin. Winter can play havoc with the balance of our skin, leading to dry, dehydrated, flaky skin, which can be some of the common signs you may see when the colder temperature arises. Advanced Nutrition Programme™’s philosophy is feeding the skin from within for overall...
  • Spilling The Tea On Menopause

    Spilling The Tea On Menopause
    Did you know that almost half of women experience challenges with their skin during the menopause? [1] Menopause can come with an array of changes, but one thing is for sure, it can throw your skin into a spin. The skin changes in many ways including thinning skin, lower collagen levels and dryness. This means our skincare regime needs a shake-up. When it comes...
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