Keratosis pilaris (KP)

Is a really common skin condition also known as chicken skin. It’s most common in teenagers but can occur at any age and affects up to half the population. You might find it is worse over the winter when skin tends to be drier. Recognised as rough, dry bumps usually on the back of the upper arms and legs, and also common on the buttocks, back, chest or cheeks.

The bumps can be skin coloured or sometimes appear red/ purple. It is known to be caused by friction, where tight clothing or sitting down can cause the hairs to break or the follicles to become inflamed essentially it is blocked hair follicles. Dead skin cells aren’t shed normally, leading to the opening of hair follicles to be blocked with dead skin debris (keratin) causing a bump to appear.

Although KP can be difficult to treat, over-exfoliating the area can exacerbate the condition and using perfumed body lotions etc tend to irritate it too. We have achieved incredible results using our formulations. In actual fact, it was the results my sister obtained when treating KP that made me initially stand up and take notice of Environ skincare almost 20 years ago.




The combination of Vitamin A, C and E to re-educate the skin and change the DNA in the cell , making it healthy, with the added benefits of lactic acid and urea in Dermalac, makes the Body duo from Environ skincare the most successful antidote for this skin condition.

Use at least once a day, Dr Des Fernandes has said that 12 months of treatment can potentially result in a permanent cure. I recommend also increasing omega 3 and 6 in your diet, in the form of skin omegas for even better results.


Bum Acne

I have also found KP can be a major contributor to bum acne, and, for the record, we don’t give bum acne enough air space so I am happy to feature it in my valentines mail.

I have some helpful tips for treating bum acne.

Firstly let's start from within. One of my favourite things about supplements is, of course, precision. We target the blood and the blood feeds the living cells in the dermis. Secondly is, one swallow and every cell in the body benefits (This email is already sounding sexy)  Bulls eye.

If already taking accumax they will help but bum acne is more influenced by lifestyle and genetics than hormones so skin clear biome probiotic and skin omegas are my go to supplements for this. then topically, that power couple, the Beyonce and JayZ of skincare formulations strikes again.

Smother the whole area in this delightful duo at least once a day and you will see a reduction, not only in spots and bumps, but texture and cellulite too. If you already have sebuwash, treat your bum to a mini peel, by wetting your fingers tips and working this salicylic acid cleanser into the skin, letting it sit for 6-8 minutes before washing it off.

Don’t think twice about layering on a face pack to your bum either, Environ Anti pollution charcoal mask with jojoba esters and shea butter will target inflammation and dryness and Mesoesthetic pure renewing mask is exfoliating as well as deep cleansing.

Masking up each other's bums will make for a great valentines treat. Be sure to tag me in the photos.

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