Everybody be calm

We wish you peace and good health for 2021

So it would seem covid is going nowhere soon and is happy to reign havoc on the first quarter of 2021. However , we are here for you. Let’s just focus on our health and well being and we will emerge from this strong, healthy and resilient. A new year brings new goals, a time to reset or maybe seek forgiveness for your skin sins.

Celebrations usually involve late nights, Alcohol and lots of sugar , leaving the skin inflamed , sensitised ,dull and grey . This with the added stress of wearing a mask can cause the skin to breakout too. If we want to calm and soothe stressed skin, we must start with the gut.

We are so excited to finally have Skin Clear biome on our shelf. Sitting proudly alongside her sister ,Skin Youth Biome. What makes both these probiotics unique , is that they have specific strains of microbiome sourced for their ability to make skin healthy.  Skin clear biome will not only reduce oiliness but with added zinc, it will heighten your ability to heal from these breakouts too. Your skin , as well as your gut will thank you. 

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Did you know that unlike your blood vessels, your lymphatic vessels do not have muscular walls. Often they work just by using gravity , which explains why we are often puffy when we wake up in the morning, or from lack of movement. We can assist lymphatic drainage by using our various beauty tools.

Our cryotherapy globes are perfect for doing this , with the added benefit of dropping the skin temperature to 10 degrees, we get a lifting and tightening effect too. The vassal constriction we experience at this lower temperature also aids vascular flow, feeding the skin O2 and everything else it requires to be healthy . Especially relevant if you supplement your blood with a synergy of nutrients for skin health . 

We are excited to launch two new products from Environ skin care as part of their comfort line. Born from extensive scientific  research and a constant pursuit of developing best in its class skincare, Environ introduces two new anti pollution innovations, formulated with highly intelligent ingredient combinations that offer complete protection against harmful effects of pollution

Life has changed. But the world hasn’t stopped. Living the new normal is pressurised. We are now constantly connected to digital devices and exposed to a highly stressful environment . 

Hero Products

Anti pollution spitz

The light weight , invisible breathable shield offers complete protection with a scientifically perfected blend of anti-pollution ingredients and high potency antioxidants to help counteract the harmful effects of pollution. Spray a few times throughout the day to shield your skin from free radical attack

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Anti pollution Mask

Skincare is selfcare , and masking is my favourite way to enjoy my skin. I could have 10 or more masks to choose from at any time and this mask is without doubt my new favourite. Experience the purifying effects of Environs new multi-functional charcoal mask, formulated with Japanese charcoal and special botanicals to help absorb pollutant impurities, normalise and hydrate the appearance of skin leaving it feeling calm, soothed, hydrated and fresh.

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Bring the professional Cryotherapy facial experience​      home with the​ ​ Corinna Tolan Cryotherapy globes. Designed to depuff and awaken skin, the extreme cold temperature of these massage tools drastically helps to firm and tighten and lift the skin. They will calm and soothe while reducing inflammation too. st.



Claire has been working in the beauty industry for 9 years. She first began her journey studying at Bronwyn Conroy Beauty School in Blackrock, Co. Dublin where she gained the highest level of training and education. When qualified Claire went to work onboard some of the world’s largest cruise ships. For 3 years she travelled the world and performed treatments such as facials, massage and body therapies, while also delivering seminars on healthy living, body and skin. Once Claire returned to Ireland, she worked in a 5-star hotel spa and while she enjoyed her  time there, the longing to work with skin in a deeper and more aesthetic way prevailed. Claire started working at Monica Tolan’s in April 2017, since then her passion and love for skin has constantly grown, along with her knowledge and experience.“I love working at Monica Tolan’s as we have access to the best treatments and products on the market, therefore providing us with everything we need to make a real change in people's lives. The constant support and training we receive allows us to provide only the best for our clients. Nothing excites me more than seeing my clients skin progress and transform, and watching their confidence grow each time they come to see me. I feel everyone in the team at Monica Tolan’s has a real passion for skin and it creates a real love and excitement for the work that we get to do. Looking forward to being back in clinic with everyone soon.”Claire x

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