Colostrum Gel
Focus Care Comfort + Vita-Enriched Colostrum Gel Enriched with a host of essential vitamins and antioxidants including green tea, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, this serum is designed to boost the skin’s immunity to external and internal stressors, creating skin...
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Defence Creme Plus
This product, when used in conjunction with C-Quence Serum 4+, effectively helps to combat the visible signs of aging. This product helps to create the appearance of a smoother, more even and more youthful-looking future-proofed skin. It contains a dynamic...
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RAD Shield Spf 15
This lightweight, transparent mineral sunscreen contains zinc and titanium, powerful physical reflectors, as well as antioxidants to provide broad-spectrum UV protection against the sun, infrared and free radicals. Suitable for all skin types and ages, including infants older than six...
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Flirt Lip Drink SPF 15
LipDrink is crafted with hydration and ultra-soft lips in mind, and will leave your lips feeling moisturised, protected and refreshingly scented. Pout: sheer, peachy pink
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Vinoclean Cleansing Almond Milk
VINOCLEAN is a new line of eco-friendly cleansers with vegan, all-natural formulas. This velvety, nourishing milk works to remove all traces of makeup while leaving the skin soothed and hydrated. Benefits: Gently removes makeup and cleanses the skin Suitable for...
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Fast Skin Repair
Mesoestetic Post-Procedure Fast Skin Repair is an ultra-nourishing regenerative cream that assists in healing damaged skin tissue.
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Vinofresh Natural Stick Deodorant
The 24-hour, natural and effective deodorant we’ve all been waiting for. A naturally effective formula to stay fresh throughout the day. Benefits: 24-hour protection for continued freshness Free from aluminium, alcohol, silicone and bicarbonate of soda Simple roll-application Organic formula...
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AMD Sensicalm Cleanser
SensiCalm  is a smooth, hydrating cleanser that delicately removes impurities and excess oil while calming skin. Yucca root extract is a gentle natural cleanser; niacinamide, ceramides, vitamin E and sunflower seed oil moisturise, leaving skin smooth, soft and intensely hydrated....
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Vinoclean Instant Foaming Cleanser
This luscious and airy foam softly cleanses and purifies all skin types. VINOCLEAN, a new line of eco-friendly cleansers, with vegan and highly natural formulas. Composed with 97% natural origin ingredients, this crystal-clear lotion transforms into a generous, airy foam...
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Glow Time Pro Creme BB
Introducing the *NEW* Jane Iredale Glow Time Pro BB Cream, This offers a medium to full buildable coverage, SPF protection and nourishing formula for a radiant satin finish. Benefits: Creamy, lightweight transfer proof formula Easy to blend SPF 25  Contains...
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AMD HydraCalm
A rich and restorative hydrator packed with natural calming ingredients specifically formulated to relieve redness-prone and sensitive skin. 
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AMD Calm R Facial Serum
Alumier MD Calm-R is a hydrating serum that targets redness and blemishes while maintaining skin’s delicate moisture balance. 
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Reservatrol Lift Instant Firming Serum
* Free 15ml Cashmere Cream With Any Reservatrol Product * A new patent with vegan collagen booster for even more effectiveness. 2x more effective than Retinol on natural collagen production.* Thanks to its patented combination of resveratrol, hyaluronic acid and...
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Focus Care™ Skin Tech Home Device
Combining low frequency sonophoresis (sound waves) and pulsed iontophoresis (electric current), this device was designed to be used with specific Environ products to help deliver more essential nutrients to where the skin needs them most, providing a lasting boost to...
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Smooth Affair Mattifying Primer
*NEW* A weightless face primer suitable for all skin types designed to blur the appearance of pores and fine lines for smooth makeup application and a naturally matte finish. Benefits: Helps regulate sebum production Helps prevent moisture loss Delivers antioxidant...
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Couperend Maintenance Cream
Benefits: Creamy texture Targets redness, couperose, hypersensitive and hyper-reactive skin For all skin types Soothes, decongests, reduces redness and visible surface microcapillaries How to Use: Apply Mesoestetic Couperend Maintenance Cream in the morning and evening after cleansing and toning the...
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Lip Intimate Shaving Oil
Get ready for the smoothest and gentlest shave ever. Developed just for sensitiveskin areas.How to useWet the skin with warm water and apply a generous amount of oil. Shavecarefully with a sharp razor and rinse off.
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AMD Recovery Balm
Recovery Balm is an antioxidant and peptide-rich moisturiser specifically formulated for post-procedure recovery. Hinokitiol, sea whip and tetrapeptide-14 relieve redness. Aloe, honey, and Boswellia soothe and copper peptide rehabilitates the look of compromised skin. 
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Lip Intimate Vulva Wellness Box
Indulge in our fragrance-free and biome-friendly gift box, which includes our Cleansing + Moisturising Oil, Prebiotic + Postbiotic, and Lip Balm. This duo is selected with sensitive vulvas in mind. It's an ideal gift for a new mother or a...
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Sunscreen 50 SPF
A non greasy broad spectrum sunscreen. High protection SPF. Antioxidant properties to boost the skins natural environmental defences and prevent premature ageing. Suitable for sun damaged skin, ageing skin, hyperpigmentation, children, skin sensitive to solar radiation and rosacea.  Apply liberally,...
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Sunscreen 30 SPF
A non greasy, non whitening, easily spreadable broad spectrum spf. Enriched with panthenol and vitamin E giving it moisturising and antioxidant properties. Suitable all skin types including oily and acne-prone skin and sensitive skin. Apply liberally, evenly and frequently (every...
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The Illuminator
The Illuminator is a gentle moisturiser designed for addressing dull skin, redness, and hyperpigmentation. It's created to provide hydration and care to sensitive skin zones, including the outer vulva, bikini, and underarm areas.
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Phyto Botanical Gel
A botanical gel formulation that assists in the treatment of hyperpigmentation and Rosacea. Intelligent melanin-inhibiting active ingredients visibly lighten hyperpigmentation to balance overall skin tone. This gel also has exceptional anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties.  Suitable for hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone,...
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AMD Enzymatic Peel
A highly effective exfoliant for most skin types. It combines 10% Lactic Acid with fruit enzymes to gently remove dead skin, promote skin renewal while helping to minimize the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation. Aloe Vera and B5 help...
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