Hot Girl Summer

Hot Girl Summer

Hot Girl Summer

We all know the importance of protecting your skin from the sun. However, we all can get caught off guard. God knows we are inexperienced with Adhoc sunny day, so you can be forgiven.


Here are my tops tips should you find yourself heating up at the end of the day.

  • Avoid anything hot

Including another sunny day. When the skin gets burnt, either from the sun or from anything hot, it won't return to normal body temperature once taken away from heat. It requires time to return to normal temperature gradually. So if you expose skin, which is only in the cooling down phase of healing, it will begin to burn straight away.

  • Cool the skin

As mentioned above, the skin is slow to return to normal body temperature, but there are some things we can do to help. If you are lucky enough to have invested in our award-winning cryotherapy globes, these should be residing in the fridge or freezer, ready for such an emergency. By applying something cold like a cryotherapy globe, (if you don't have globes, wet some flannels and leave in the fridge for a cooling effect), this will act as a magnet and pull the heat from the skin, therefore, limiting the potential harm the heat can cause.

  • Rehydrate

Without realising, if you were in the sun long enough to burn, you were simultaneously dehydrating. Your capacity to heal will be hampered from this, too, so rehydrate. Plenty of fluids, but my virtual friend and board-certified dermatologist, Dr Ranella Hirsch, also recommends eating fruit and vegetables with a high water content to rehydrate. Served chilled for even more comfort and relief.


I never leave Irish shores without AVST Gel from Environ Skincare. Upon arrival at my destination, I will immediately pop it into the fridge so it's ready for use if anyone gets too much sun. A unique gel that is effective in helping to calm sensitive and irritated skin, packed full of antioxidants and beta carotene, is the perfect antidote for inflamed skin.

- Fool me twice, shame on me… It is not only burning the skin that can cause precancerous cells or melanoma but repeatedly burning the same area. So if you fall short on SPF and acquire a burn, this area will require more caution in the future.


It is imperative that you never burn in this area again. Often Mother nature will leave you a warning scar in the form of irregular or hyperpigmentation when an area of skin shows up that it has been damaged before. Believe it, and cover up in the future.


Dr Ranella Hirsch wanted to share her tips for sunburn with you all too.


Among the many, many ways of using cryoglobes, cooking the skin from a burn is my favourite. They will literally pull the heat from your skin reducing the healing time and damage too.


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Perfect for all wounds and inflamed skin, store avst gel in the fridge and it is so healing and soothing when applied in sunburnt skin.

Anti Pollution Ampoule

Anti pollution ampule Intensive ampoules with a protective antioxidant and anti-pollution action. These ampules will calm, smooth and intensely hydrate the skin. Restoring all lost nutrients caused by the sun

I couldn’t sign off on an email about Summer without a shout out to Lorde for saving us all this summer with her new album.


My cheeks in high colour, overripe peaches

No shirt, no shoes, only my features

My boy behind me, he's taking pictures

Lead the boys and girls onto the beaches

Come one, come all, I'll tell you my secrets

I'm kinda like a prettier Jesus


~ Solar Power Lorde

Hi, my name is Niamh,

I am part of the skin rooms, online admin team. As part of my role, I try to ensure that all the products you order are on our shelves. I have worked with Monica Tolan skin experts for nearly three years. After working in retail for 20 years, I had to take a career break for ten years to care for my son. He was diagnosed with severe autoimmune disease. After his very successful treatment, I decided to go back to study as I felt I needed to do something for myself and gain confidence. I also needed to find myself again.


When I finished my studies, I received a phone call inviting me to become a staff member in the clinic. I have certainly gained so much more than confidence. I was welcomed into a fantastic team of friendly, strong and very knowledgeable women. Every day I continue to learn and enjoy listening to the therapists get excited about the results they are getting with their clients. Since I started in the skin rooms, I have seen the business grow so much, and we will continue to keep setting the bar higher and strive always to be the best at what we do. I feel delighted and privileged to be part of such a fantastic team. We are not just working colleagues. We are also friends.


Stay safe & well