Pigmentation - Be Gone!

Pigmentation - Be Gone!



I can smell it. It's on the way. Daylight hours are reducing, and although we have been blessed with fine weather this week. and last, winter is only around the corner. I am not going to lie. I love Autumn. I love the light, the orange tinge to the leaves. I love the fashion, lighting the fire in the evenings and having a dark bathroom when I run a bath. 


I like to think I enjoy all the season leave and welcome the next. My skincare also changes with the seasons. As daylight hours reduce, I arm up and get ready to go to war on my pigmentation. In the Summer months, the best pigmentation treatment you can do is employ good behaviour in the sun. Reapply SPF every 2-3 hours, wear a hat etc. I usually avoid any AHA ingredients in the Summer as they will make you light-sensitive. 


The best treatment for pigmentation is high dosage Vit A. That would be the upper level products in the AVST or Youth EssentiA line, and Retinol 1,2,3 or indeed. Retinol .25% - 1% from AlumierMD. Vitamin A is, singlehandedly the most important molecule for healthy skin, if you aren't using it every day then you do not have the healthiest skin possible. If you have yet to introduce your skin to this amazing molecule, consider jumping on our limited edition skincare kits. Containing everything you require for healthy skin, and up to €115 worth of complementary products. Dont worry, we won't let you fall off a cliff if you purchase, you are welcome to join our closed support group on facebook. It's full of passionate individuals like you who have been using these formulations for years and have a few tricks up their sleeves.


Skin, in optimum health, is your greatest defence. Also, skin in peak health will respond better to whatever modalities you include to target-treat pigmentation.


So what's in my armour when I go to war on pigmentation?


Mesoestetic Brightening Foam Cleanser

My first grab is Mesoesthetic Brightening Foam cleanser. This cleanser is in the prep pack for their world-renowned cosmelan de-pigmentation treatment. A creamy cleansing foam with low dosage glycolic and lactic acid. This cleanser will not only help break down pigmentation sitting on the surface of your skin, but it will also target breakouts. For an even better cleansing experience, pop a pea-sized amount onto a konjac sponge and work it into the skin.


A mild booster to use a night from Mesoesthtic, is a brightening peel booster. Containing 10% glycolic and phytic acid, this product will cause a gentle exfoliation and brightening of the skin. Apply under your actives at night, if skin feels tender or sensitive, reduce the number of evenings you use it.

Glycolic + E + F Ampoules

Oh my! These little boyo's are fast becoming my best friend. I have even opened up a box for my treatment room so I can incorporate them into my professional treatments. Not for the faint-hearted, you will feel a lot of activity when you apply these at first. After a few minutes, the air dissolves the acid within the formulation, it will be less active. I suggest using 1-2 times a week, depending on skins tolerance. Apply your normal skincare 20mins after applying. Also, feel free to stand at a door or window or use your cryo globes when activity it high.

Attention All Environ Lovers

Environ's innovative Serum System, from the Radiance line, contains a concentrated blend of vitamins and botanicals to assist in targeting and in improving the appearance of discolouration, leaving the skin looking more evenly toned and healthier. Intelligent ingredient combinations have been selected that work together to fade and reduce the appearance of pigmentation, uneven skin tone and dark spots. I advise you to go home roll with the cosmetic home roll before applying a 50/50 ratio mix of both solutions. Follow through with your other Skincare formulations.

Skin Even IQ

The Latest launch from renowned skin specific supplement brand Advanced nutrition programme is surpassing all expectations. Carefully calibrated and researched, Skin Even IQ is a 28-day science-led smart supplement system which helps target stubborn pigmentation. This daily dose system of 5 capsules contains 25 different ingredients to help start skin pigmentation.


  • NEW Skin Bright- new fusion team of balancing actives including niacin, copper, I-cysteine, liquorice extract, grape seed, grape pomace, vitamin c and olive fruit extract all encased within red capsules made from red radish.
  • Skin Blue Filter- shields your skin from within with a team of specialist antioxidants.
  • Skin Co-Q10+ - blend of co-enzyme Q10 and pine park extract.
  • Skin Vit C- vitamin C, zinc and acerola berry for radiant, bright complexion.
  • Skin Antioxidant- safeguards skin against external aggressors.

In our in-house trial, 88% of participants experienced a reduction in pigmentation scores during a three-month period.


  • Targets signs of pigmentation
  • Reveals a radiant complexion
  • Evens skin tone
  • Brightens skin
  • Head to toe skin solution
  • Convenient, daily dose pods to ensure compliance
  • Helps regulate melanin production


  • Those concerned with uneven skin tone, brown marks/spots or at risk of pigmentation (skin types I-VI)
  • Anyone experiencing PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) after acne or acne-scarring
  • Those looking for a post-summer/post-sun programme to even skin tone

Vegans or those prioritising a plant-based diet