Pigmentation be gone

Pigmentation be gone


I can smell it. It's on the way. Daylight hours are reducing, and only this morning Grace told me that next week is her last week of the Summer holidays. I am not going to lie. I love Autumn. I love the light, the orange tinge to the leaves. I love the fashion, lighting the fire in the evenings and having a dark bathroom when I run a bath. 


I like to think I enjoy all the season leave and welcome the next. There is no doubt this influenced me when it came to creating my seasonal subscription box too. My skincare also changes with the seasons. As daylight hours reduce, I arm up and get ready to go to war on my pigmentation. In the Summer months, the best pigmentation treatment you can do is employ good behaviour in the sun. Reapply SPF every 2-3 hours, wear a hat etc. I usually avoid any AHA ingredients in the Summer as they will make you light-sensitive. 


The best treatment for pigmentation is high dosage Vit A. That would be the upper level products in the AVST or youth essentia line, and Retinol 1,2,3 or indeed. Retinol .25% - 1% from AlumierMD.


Skin, in optimum health, is your greatest defence. Also, skin in peak health will respond better to whatever modalities you include to target-treat pigmentation.


So what's in my armour when I go to war on pigmentation.

Mesoestetic Brightening Foam Cleanser

My first grab is Mesoesthetic Brightening Foam cleanser ( renamed recently to whitening foam. This cleanser is in the prep pack for their world-renowned cosmelan de-pigmentation treatment. A creamy cleansing foam with low dosage glycolic and lactic acid. This cleanser will not only help break down pigmentation sitting on the surface of your skin, but it will also target breakouts. For an even better cleansing experience, pop a pea-sized amount onto a konjac sponge and work it into the skin.


A mild booster to use a night from Mesoesthtic, is a brightening peel booster. Containing 10% glycolic and phytic acid, this product will cause a gentle exfoliation and brightening of the skin. Apply under your actives at night, if skin feels tender or sensitive, reduce the number of evenings you use it.

Glycolic + E + F Ampoules

Oh my! These little boyo's are fast becoming my best friend. I have even opened up a box for my treatment room so I can incorporate them into my professional treatments. Not for the faint-hearted, you will feel a lot of activity when you apply these at first. After a few minutes, the air dissolves the acid within the formulation, it will be less active. I suggest using 1-2 times a week, depending on skins tolerance. Apply your normal skincare 20mins after applying. Also, feel free to stand at a door or window or use your cryo globes when activity it high.

Attention All Environ Lovers

Environ's innovative Serum System, from the Radiance line, contains a concentrated blend of vitamins and botanicals to assist in targeting and in improving the appearance of discolouration, leaving the skin looking more evenly toned and healthier. Intelligent ingredient combinations have been selected that work together to fade and reduce the appearance of pigmentation, uneven skin tone and dark spots. I advise you to go home roll with the cosmetic home roll before applying a 50/50 ratio mix of both solutions. Follow through with your other Skincare formulations.

Melan Tran3x

I have recently, for the first time,  incorporated Melan Tran3x to my routine. Containing Tranexamic Acid 3% to reduce pigment production, Enzymacid Complex 5% (Mandelic, Salicylic, Lactic Acid), Exfoliating complex to remove excess pigment. Tyr Control Complex 2% (Kojic Acid & Peptide), which will reduce pigment formation and niacinamide 5% to prevent pigment transfer from deeper to the outer layer. So far, I am loving it, but stand by for more feedback. I have made a pretty cool reel, but Instagram, as of now, won't let like tag the product. I think they might be TRANS phobic 😂

Keep a close eye on nature for the next few weeks. The trees are about to tell us how beautiful it is to let things go. Take care of each other.