Pregnancy Protocol

Pregnancy Protocol

Pregnancy is such a magical time in a woman's life. As new life grows, so too can anxiety levels and new skin concerns. Not only can the initial hormonal change cause breakouts and acne, but lots of pregnant women feel they need to abandon their active skincare formulations and return to simpler times of soap and water. During pregnancy, a woman will be extra cautious about what they consume and put on their skin. The goal is to maintain a healthy mom-glow throughout the pregnancy while keeping the baby healthy and safe.

The most common skin issues that cause concern during pregnancy


This condition is called Melasma and is triggered by hormonal changes. The good news is, pregnancy is temporary, so the melasma should fade when the pregnancy and lactating ends. Should the pigmentation last beyond the pregnancy and become something you are self-conscious about, at Monica tolan clinics, we offer the world-renowned Cosmelan de-pigmentation treatment. Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel originated in Spain and is designed to reduce skin discolouration and hyperpigmentation.


The Cosmelan treatment consists of a two-phased approach, compatible with all skin types/skin colours and can be used all year round. This treatment reduces the skin’s natural production of melanin, creating your skin tone and dark spotty tissues. Click here to read more.

Our hero product for the treatment of pigmentation is SPF and Brightening peel booster from Mesoesthetic


Again, we can thank the change in hormone levels for the sudden acne onset. This usually passes after the first 12-15 weeks of pregnancy. Our hero product for treating acne flaire ups when pregnant is Colostrum gel from Environ skincare.

Stretch Marks

Pregnancy is one of the most common causes of stretch marks, and your potential to have them is mostly down to genetics. Your skin deserves much-needed care and attention when pregnant, and there is no need to abandon your normal routine completely. Our skins primary function is defence, and with this incredible capacity to defend is a practically impermeable shield that will not allow topical formulations to enter the bloodstream. We ask you to step away from a high dose of Vit A topically as an extra measure of caution.


However, it is unnecessary to step away until you receive a positive pregnancy test (please follow your medical practitioners advice). You can resume using the moment your baby is born, and regardless of your breastfeeding status, don't apply to the nipples. You can continue using many functional ingredients like AHA's, Vitamin C & E, peptides, hyaluronic acid and low dosage salicylic acid products.


My favourite duo for preventing stretch marks is Environ Dermalac lotion and Bio-Oil oil. Even if some stretch marks emerge, I can promise you gloriously soft and smooth skin regardless of this lethal duo with this lethal duo. When it comes to the treatment of stretch marks, I ask you to manage expectations with topical formulations as there is no research to date to say they are effective. Although pregnancy can be a mixed bag of emotions, most of the happenings are beyond our control and at mother nature's mercy. Use this time to practice self-care, spoil yourself and be present in the moment. Your body will let you know what it needs if you take the time to listen to its whispers or shouts...Or even its screams...Enjoy the (bumpy) journey!

A broad-spectrum SPF is essential for healthy skin regardless of being pregnant but particularly important in preventing melasma or pregnancy stain developing. I also recommend a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses (Maui Jim are my favourite) and avoiding the high sun from midday 3p.m. So arrange that walk in the park outside of these hours. 

My name is Bronwen, Ireland has been my home since January 2019 together with my husband and 2 children. I am a  Skin Therapist with over 25 years experience, and have been fortunate enough to be working at Monica Tolan Malahide for the last 2 years. I have trained with the most renowned skincare lines in the world. I believe in personalised skincare and treatments, as every client has unique needs and lifestyles, by listening and evaluating each person individually I am able to recommend a unique skincare regime that enhances clients quality of life. I graduated from the prestigious Madge Wallace International College of Skincare and Beauty Therapy in South Africa and qualified with ITEC Aestheticienne Diploma and CIDESCO Beauty Therapy Diploma. I have worked with Environ products since I began my career and am passionate about this brand. During my time at Monica Tolan I have had a unique opportunity to experience working with clients skin in salon as well as doing  online skin consultations. I love working together with my clients and watching them progress in their skin Journeys and am looking forward to being back in salon again with you soon.

Stay safe & well