Say "I do" to perfect skin for your wedding day

CONGRATULATIONS, you are getting married!

Venue: ✓

Bridesmaids: ✓

Dress: ✓

Skin: Still-to-do!!!

Whether your wedding is 18 months from now, a year away, 6 months, a few weeks or even a few days away; we can provide you with treatments, tips and the support to give you that beautiful bridal glow.

You may have chosen hundreds of guests or just a few friends, a destination wedding or local church ceremony, 3 days of events or a small wedding at home; it is your big day, so feel your absolute best from the moment you wake up all the way to your honeymoon and beyond.

There is no better reason to start a beauty regime than the build-up to your wedding day.

With an array of products, treatments and “best practices” for skin out there it can be overwhelming to know what is best for you. At Monica Tolan we provide a consultation service that is unique to you! No two people are the same and no two brides require the same blend of care. From skincare to self-­‐care we have options on the best practices for your skin type. So, lets look at the options…

12 - 18 Months before the wedding day

At this stage it might feel as though the wedding is ages away, however in the world of your skin this is the time to start prepping. It is these well-­‐prepared brides that journey towards gorgeous skin health for their wedding and for life.

We will kick start the process with a thorough consultation to identify your needs, your skins requirements and build a plan to ensure you have perfect glowing, dewy, clear skin for your wedding day. At this stage it is usually a good idea to start our clients on Skin Omegas to help treat pigmentation issues, dry or problematic skin.

Starting early means allowing your body to do a course of Topical Supplements that focus on areas that need extra care. The supplements we recommend are filled with nutrients that start working from within for fantastic visible results. We often suggest starting with low-­‐level Vitamin A supplements that in addition to being fantastic for your immune system and bone health works to reduce and eliminate acne and blemishes. It is through this course of action that we will work up to a higher dose of supplements to provide an increase in Vitamin A just in time for the wedding. And let’s not forget, because these supplements nourish from the inside out, your whole body reaps the benefits, not just your face. Fantastic for those off the shoulder dresses and honeymoon outfits too!

6 Months before the big day

Discover the power of Micro-­‐Needling with our experts at Monica Tolan. Great for reducing wrinkles, scars, pores and uneven skin; Micro-­‐
Needling is a procedure that works under your skin to get to the root of any impurities. This advanced technology uses dermatologically tested collagen induction therapy to improve the overall visuals of your skin by working under the surface to dilate pores, reduce impurities and imperfections caused by hereditary complaints such as dark circles to commonalities such as acne, scars and the need to reduce signs of aging.

It is in fact the combination of Topical Supplements and the blend of our CST (Collagen Stimulating Therapy) or Skin needling courses that create a burst of visibly beneficial results. The topical supplements get to the heart of the issue from within while the localised needling targets issues head on. What a perfect pairing!

Our incredible Global Eyecon Treatment is great for both brides and grooms; we mustn’t forget the men on their big day too. The course runs for 6 sessions to correct sagging, dark circles and imperfections around the eye area.

Get peeling; particularly in the winter months we would usually recommend a lovely face peel. Our range of peels work in a multitude of ways, strength of the peel depends on the skin issue and desired results. The idea is to work under the surface and strip away any cosmetic imbalances; a great way to smooth and rebalance your skin.

Besides from being thoroughly relaxing, which is definitely imperative when organising a wedding, facials also proactively work to produce clear, smooth and glowing skin through a range of bespoke facial therapies that work to your specifications.

From cleansing, exfoliating and nourishing; our facials work in a multi-­‐ tiered way to stimulate and hydrate the skin resulting in that dewy glow that we are all after. Facial courses for brides should ideally start 6 months ahead of the wedding with generally 1 facial a month is scheduled to reduce the risk of toxic build up and dehydration.

A week before…

With the last facial carried out 2-­‐3 weeks before the special day, we
recommend collagen boosting and skin filling containing hyaluronic acid a week before the big day. The nutrients in the hyaluronic acid mean your skin is plump, bright and alleviates dry and problematic areas. This level of treatment doesn’t have as much longevity as the other suggested treatments but it is brilliant for brides who are just a few weeks/days away from their big day as the results are instant so a long lead time is not necessary.

For a bespoke, unique, course of action that is specific to you, our signature service gives you more time to concentrate on getting the flowers sorted, the first dance arranged and the seating plan finalised.

Beauty is being comfortable in your own skin, so let us make you feel at your most comfortable and most beautiful for your special day with our calming, anxiety-­‐dispelling treatments that really work and last!