The Secret To Success

The Secret To Success

The Secret to Success

When it comes to treating skin, clients and professionals often ask what the secret to our success is. Is it a particular skincare ingredient, or is it diet? I believe the key is supervision. In the shortest time frame, the clients who get the best results with me are these I monitor closely. We have all done it, purchased random skincare in Brown Thomas or maybe online after an influencer tells you she is OBSESSED with it. We use it once, no idea what it's for, or worse, we have to take an antihistamine to bring down the rash that occurs.


Then there is the client with a bathroom shelf full of really good formulations and unsure how to use them. And the client who gets a random breakout or irritation and no idea what to use on it. Clients often say to me,  "I wish you were in my home at night to watch me doing my routine", and I often wish the same.


Healthy skin is a journey. Throughout the year, many factors will influence changes in the skin which may warrant minor adjustments. One thing that surprised me most when we reopened our clinics after the lockdown was how radiant the client's skin was. They told me they had more time and revenue to invest in their skin and my tutorials and supervision on Instagram to advise and monitor what they were doing.

The Monica Tolan Exclusive Christmas Kit

The Monica Tolan Exclusive Christmas kit, 3-4 years ago, was the first time I experienced this support network. I created a group called GlowGetters, where everyone who invested in the kit got a membership. We became a community of skin obsessed creatures. Supporting one another, answering each other's questions and celebrating each other's wins. I guess it's the same reason communities like Weight Watchers and Slimming world became so successful because they were all in it together with similar mindsets and goals. 


Each year, our Exclusive Christmas kit has evolved, not just in volume but in success stories too. This year's group of Glowgetters will migrate from Facebook to a brand new forum. There will be daily skin diaries where you get to log photos of your skin and input your daily routine, and monitor diet, sleep, and stress. We will have chat forums where you can ask questions. Our team of skin experts are on hand as well as fellow Glow Getters. All here to ensure that you fully reap the benefits of your €320 invested in your kit. 


You can preorder this year's kit today and right up till 1st of October. Your kit will land in your home mid-October. We also have an option to pay for this year's kit in instalments. The kit is suitable for every skin type, pregnant clients and men's skin too. If you would like some help with your product choices, simple reach out to me or any of our skin experts on Instagram. We are looking forward to hearing from you. We want you to be a Glowgetter, join our community and start your journey or continue your journey on our path.
On a side note, I am sorry that our London opening was announced the week of no email. I had secretly planned to announce it here... From 15th September, we will be taking over the clinic, and I am so excited to meet my clients when I am over for the week starting 27th September.


As soon as I sign off here, I will purchase towels and bed linen for my new apartment. This is the beginning of a whole new chapter in my life. If I am honest, a chapter that I thought I had skipped over at 43 and with two children. I hope you are inspired to charter fresh waters no matter what stage in life you are at. As a Mum, I have little eyes watching everything I do. I need to show these girls how to grab every opportunity life has to offer.


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PS If you get the opportunity, Go see the movie Respect. A stunning movie about the love between a mother and daughter, a bond with sisters and self-love. 5 Star and an oscar-winning performance for Jennifer Hudson

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