Who's Your Favourite Aunty

Who's Your Favourite Aunty

Having 3 sisters, it's always one of the first things I teach my niece or nephews when asked who's your favourite Aunty, to reply CORINNA. The truth is, everyone's favourite is

Antioxidants are the peacemakers in skin care formulations. Their role is to scavenge free radicals that are all around us. The term 'Free radical’ is something of a parody as they don't wish to be free at all. They want to latch onto our healthy cells, stealing atoms to stabilise themselves. This daylight robbery ( literally as daylight is the chief free radical) causes our healthy cells to denature and age quicker, or worst-case scenario, become cancerous. I am sure you have all noticed how an apple or avocado discolours once peeled. This is because free radicals have begun to latch on to the fruit. The discolouration you see in your pores, known as blackheads, are black because of free radicals. Free radicals can damage DNA & cell walls, break down collagen, & even cause skin cancer. This can speed up the ageing process significantly! Antioxidants in skincare include vitamin E, ascorbic acid, vitamin C, vitamin A or retinol, vitamin B3 or niacinamide, and green tea. Dr Des Fernandes was a pioneer in the use of antioxidants in SPF, RAD and RAD SHEILD being their main players. He also recently launched an Antipollution Antioxidant Mist. A lightweight, invisible, breathable shield that offers complete protection with a scientifically perfect blend of anti-pollution ingredients and high potency antioxidants to counteract the harmful effects of pollution.



As important as Antioxidants are in skincare, they are even more important inside your body to protect all your organs and general health. The mother of all antioxidants in the body is, of course, Glutathione.

Glutathione is made and recycled by the body. However, there are some foods and nutrients that help us make good healthy Glutathione. In Skin Collagen Support they have added MSM-which is an incredibly rich vegan source of sulfur - particularly for collagen, hair, and nail support. Actually, the Skin Collagen Support, due to its ingredients, also helps protect glutathione and helps to recycle it in the body. Glutathione is VERY difficult to keep stable in the body AND almost impossible to keep stable in a supplement! It is made from mainly glutamine and selenium.

Products like SOD (superoxide dismutase) and sulphur (MSM) and zinc (found in Skin Collagen Support) help manufacture it and protect it. In fact SOD is one of the best protectors of glutathione and this is why we have used the natural Cantaloupe melon in our supplements, as a source of SOD.

Vitamin E, Q10, vitamin C, selenium and zinc also help recycle and protect glutahione - hence the need for something like Skin Collagen Support (for the SOD and MSM and zinc) or Skin Ultimate (for the Q10) or Skin Vitality (multivitamin with Vit E, Zinc, Selenium etc.).

Mr Paul Naude, Programme Quality Affairs and Regulatory Manager added "Antioxidants are very important unsung heroes in the body- they do their jobs by helping to reduce the break-down products from accumulating in cells and help slow down the formation of AGE's (advanced glycation end products). They do this in the background and we often forget the important work they do.

Botanicals are particularly rich sources of antioxidants, containing thousands of phytonutrients (plant nutrients) which is why a rainbow diet is important and particularly why, at the Advanced Nutrition Programme, we include whole botanicals in our Skin Antioxidant product."


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Hey All!

I started my journey with Monica Tolan almost 3 years ago now. I started off doing part-time hours as a Receptionist in our Malahide clinic while still finishing my Marketing degree at the National College of Ireland.

I progressed to full-time shortly after and began my Balbriggan Clinic work as the Receptionist and go-to IT person. Reception in both clinics is such a fast-paced and exciting job and it sparked my interest in getting more involved in the behind-the-scenes operations of the business. I’ve learned so much in the time so far; it’s such an interesting and ever-improving industry. There’s always something new around the corner, whether in technology or new products and ingredients!

I finished my Marketing Degree and was so grateful to have been offered a promotion to a brand-new marketing and media specialist role. I help with many things from IT queries, account issues, keeping the products looking great for all our lovely clients, designing graphics and ads, managing one of our Instagram accounts, and being involved with our Skin Deep Subscription Box. My days are always jam-packed with tasks and helping source products, and being a part of many amazing ideas that spark up in the office!

Though I am still settling into the role, it is interesting to help the business grow during these difficult and crazy times! Our team inspires me to be part of an all-female workforce, which I am extremely proud of!