A Great Reason to Smile

A Great Reason to Smile


Like many of you, I am sure, have been drooling over all the perfect teeth on Instagram and other social media outlets. Feeling a little insecure about mine and given the amount of time I am on camera, I booked a consultation for composite bonding with my local dental practice. After a quick inspection, the dentist reassured me that I had perfectly straight good teeth, thanks to my parents insisting I had orthodontic treatment at 12. Despite my arguing, I would have preferred to wait till I was 18. When my Dad said I might want to kiss a boy when I was 18, I never brought the subject up again and went forth for said treatment.

So I felt somewhat humbled and a little foolish for allowing myself to be influenced by filters and veneers on the gram. My dentist suggested maybe some whitening treatment to enhance what mother nature had given me.

So operation teeth whitening commenced. After being introduced to this fantastic brand a few years ago, I had already sourced Polished teeth whitening products into the clinic, so I knew what I had to do. Within two weeks of using a few of their products, I have seen huge improvements, and I will list a few of my favourite, notably fast-acting, products.


Today is National Customer Appreciation Day.

A client is the heart of our business, they don’t depend on us, we depend on them. They are the essence and motivation of each component within our structure. We learn from you every day, we feed off the information you give us. We are addicted to making you happy because ultimately that is what brings us all joy. We approach each of you with the intention of helping you solve a problem or achieve a goal. We want to sell you a feeling an experience. Not a product. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to do this.