Amplified Skin Care

Amplified Skin Care

Skincare ampoules are super-charged serums divided into individual doses. They contain a high potency of active ingredients targeted to treat specific skin concerns.

They contain a specific dose of blended ingredients packaged in a glass jar to preserve their stability. Designed to be used entirely in one application, as once the glass jar opens, the air will neutralize the potency of the active ingredients.

When using ampoules, I would ask you to think outside the box. We each have a morning and evening skincare routine devised to protect us from harmful free radicals in the day and nourish the skin during sleep at night. When incorporating ampules into their skincare routine, I ask my clients to do so outside of this time, that window of opportunity that presents early evening. Maybe you are going out for dinner and want a perfect make-up primer to nourish your skin. I reach for Mesoesthetic Antiwrinkle and antifatigue solution, which has an immediate lifting effect and a more rested, brighter appearance.

Or you want to have an early evening bath. I adore Meso's Melatonin ampoules. These savour the skin regeneration process to counteract the toll the day has taken on your skin while simultaneously preventing and correcting the effects of skin ageing. I will apply the serum then use my Cryoglobes to lift my skin. That combination of a hot bath and cold cryoglobes is a spa experience in itself.

Then the ultimate clinic experience for inflamed or acne skin, Glycolic + E + F ampoules. An exfoliating solution accelerates cell renewal to reduce imperfections in the skin surface and increase tone and luminosity.

If like me, you can't decide and want them all. Don't worry, the team in the skin rooms have you covered! We have complied a pick n' mix box of all our best selling ampoules, so you don't have to choose. Exclusively available at

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Take care, Corinna