Small But Fierce

Small But Fierce

Small But Fierce

My love for a konjac sponge is so fierce. There are so many reasons to love this 100% natural cleansing tool. Konjac is a plant known as the "konnyaku potato," which grows in Asia. It is an edible food and a 100% natural & cruelty-free cleansing tool.

It is made of the plants' fibres and water. When your sponge begins to break down after a couple of weeks of use, it's perfectly acceptable to toss it in your garden, brown bin or even down the toilet. Packed with beneficial minerals, the konjac sponge can gently buff skin without causing irritation or damage. Konjac is naturally alkaline, meaning that it won't dry out your skin, but will help it to maintain its natural pH level.

Our konjac sponges are suitable for all skin types. They can help neutralize oils, prevent breakouts for those with oily skin, and gently slough away dead skin cells for those with dry skin. It is even gentle enough to be used on children and infants, with many of my clients using it to treat cradle cap on babies with much ease and success.

How to use:


  • A konjac sponge needs to soak in warm water for several minutes before you use it. This softens the sponge up and allows it to gently clean and polish your skin. When it first comes out of the package, a konjac sponge will be hard, dry and brittle. Soaking the sponge in warm water softens it up and prepares it for use.
  • Your konjac sponge is a powerful cleanser all on its own. Making it ideal when travelling, I like to work in my cleansing wash using the sponge. I get great delight in removing my mascara as it's so gentle around the eyes. Then I rinse it under the tap, and all makeup residue just rinse away. Leaving my sponge restored to its former glory 
  • Depending on how often you use it and how well you care for it, each konjac sponge can usually last for up to three months. So, store and care for your sponge correctly. If you rinse it out regularly and allow it to dry thoroughly after each use, you will prolong its life. I like to hang mind off the radiator as this makes sure it remains sterile too.

We have two varieties of sponge to choose from:

100% Pure White

It's the original people pleaser. Our 100% Pure White Konjac Sponge doesn't discriminate and is a lover of all faces. Suitable for all skin types, this sponge contains only water and Konjac vegetable fibre, ensuring its status as the most natural and fuss-free of the pack. It is hard to go wrong with this one.

Bamboo Charcoal

Bamboo Charcoal is just like the Pure White Konjac Sponge, but filled with mineral-rich activated charcoal powder. Charcoal is an incredibly popular ingredient best known for dealing with acne, blemishes and breakouts. This sponge adsorbs excess oils and bacteria to strive for a flawless complexion – a must-have for troublesome skin.

I hope I have inspired you to try this very affordable tool if you haven't already. Cleansing is the first step in self-care and self-love, and a konjac sponge will soon become an essential in your self-care ceremony morning an night 

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