I Got Myself in a Piccadilly

I Got Myself in a Piccadilly

I got myself in a Piccadilly.

I made such a rookie mistake last night in London. I got off the tube in Piccadilly Circus. Followed the way out signs. I saw an emergency exit on the stairs but decided to continue that way regardless. As I climb the copious amounts of steps, I can hear the audio on repeat "These stairs are for emergency use only. This climb is equivalent to a 15 story building. Do not continue if on medication. There are a total of 197 steps."

What could I do? Once I had committed, I couldn't turn back, so I stripped off my hat, scarf and jacket and pushed through.

I am so grateful that I choose a life of strength training at times like this. I am over ten years lifting heavyweights in the gym. I always looked for a new personal best, and I even broke a world record deadlifting.

I spend my days and weeks sharing my secrets to a youthful glow, and today I am going to share with you how lifting weights is helping my skin, ensuring I age well.

Lifting weights will trigger growth hormones that naturally decline as we age and massively ignite mitochondria, the engine or powerhouse of the cells - building muscle mass that otherwise will shrink, causing sagging, loose skin. You also will use all your facial and body muscles when lifting heavy objects, so forget forking out €100's on microcurrent gadgets that will have minimal results.

Lifting weights will reduce stress hormone that dramatically influences skins' ability to heal and fuel inflammation, causing rosacea, acne, and other inflammatory skin diseases. It will also boost your sex drive, which may not have any major skin benefits, but there is a reason Nars best-selling blusher is called Orgasm, right?

Oh, while I am on that subject, orgasms will be stronger and last longer when you deadlift. And that's why I broke a world record in said sport ;)