Filling a Void.

Filling a Void.

Filling a Void.

I believe one of the greatest flaws in the beauty/ skincare industry is that we make it look easy. Eternal youth is only a syringe away. A fairy tale of which the Kardashians play the lead role. In the pursuit of that mythical message, dermal fillers and botox have been overused and even abused. Leaving a void that can only be FILLED with lifestyle choices.

The key to beautiful skin for a lifetime is not a 20min visit to your dentist/ derma filler. It is in the daily choices you make. The exercise routine you never give up on, the supplement program you prioritise over designer shoes in your budget, and your skincare choice.


Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.

Consistency is more important than perfection.

We welcome the latest innovation from Environ skincare to our clinic this week. If you are passionate about healthy skin then you need to sit up and pay attention. Dr Des Fernades is a pioneer of the greatest skincare marvels in our lifetime, the use of Vitamin A in skincare, micro needling and antioxidants in skincare. So when he releases a skincare product that is 7 years in the making. Using remarkable ingredients that kickstart the CD44 system in the body and fat cell proliferation. Filled with peptides that he selected out of 45 million hexapeptides. Well. We listen.

Hylauronic acid in skincare. A notoriously tricky ingredient to pass into the skin and continue to act as HA should. We lose 30% - 50% of our HA a day. If we are to achieve a hydro and lipidic volumising effect, we need Hyaluronic acid.

Introducing Hyacare 50. A trademarked ingredient where The scientist in Environ skincare has chopped up HA into tiny fragments weighing 50 kilodaltons. Easily permitted into the skin, once there, they don't magically join back up(. This is not a fairy tale, remember) instead, they kick start the CD44 system in the skin. This is our own HA factory.

The new crème is best suited to anyone looking for volume in their skin. I recommend using it in conjunction with Vit A, the greatest trigger of the CD44 system, and a microneedling device, such as a gold roller. This is the perfect neck serum, especially for those who struggle with high dose Vit A on their neck. It can be used all over the face and neck or target treat areas of concern. I am so excited to see Environ have their foot firmly pressed on the accelerator in the R&D department. Only yesterday, I was aghast when I saw an American skincare brand ( Dr Barbara Sturm) release a new serum retailing at $750. This is why I am eager to align myself with a brand like Environ skincare. Bringing you the latest innovation, results-driven, science-backed skincare. They are not trying to sell you a fairy tale for $750 a bottle.