You wake up FLAWLESS

What does skin health mean to you? When you hear me reiterate that message of healthy skin for a lifetime, what comes to mind? Are you thinking Beyonce "Flawless" or do you think of a smooth, photoshopped, poreless skin? Mannequins have poreless skin, not people.

We all have inherent flaws in our skin or characteristics that society may not consider aesthetically pleasing, but that does not mean the skin is unhealthy. The skin is an organ, and its ability to perform its primary functions determines its health status.

To be healthy, the skin must be an effective barrier preventing excessive water loss and the penetration of compounds into the body. Skin must protect you from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. The skin must detect touch, temperature and pain. The skin must fight infections, regulate temperature, and make vitamin D with sun exposure.

When I begin a client on a journey to healthy skin, I will look to lock down their stratum corneum (Horny layer, Outermost layer). By doing this, I am increasing the skin's defences against ultraviolet radiation, allergens like dust and parasites, chronic skin disease, and the effects of changes in the weather.

This is easily achieved by using a vegetable form of Vitamin A, native to the skin and well-tolerated, Retinyl Palmitate. This powerful ingredient is photoprotective, easily transported into the skin. Within a matter of seconds (this is still slow as chemical conversions go) 1 molecule of palmitate will convert into 1 molecule of retinoic acid. So you will get all the incredible benefits of retinoic acid without any of the horrendous side effects associated with a topical form of retinoic acid.

When you have a healthy skin barrier, you are less likely to experience discomfort and pain if your skin is irritated. Your skin will recover and heal quicker from trauma too. A healthy skin that performs all its duties well, will look and feel more youthful.

As the passing of time and daily exposure to free radicals is ultimately what will cause the demise of the skin. In summary, when you make skin health your goal, you will, as a consequence, obtain all the characteristics we attribute to youth and beauty while also having skin that is cancer resilient. A skin that will age beautifully.

Skin Deep By Corinna Tolan

When considering my hero product, I like to think about what product has stood out for me over the last 14 days, what has gained momentum with my clients.

As my team and I put together the final pieces of our Summer subscription box, I see the excitement grow amongst us all in anticipation of the subscribers response when they receive their box, I couldn't think of any other product that is as truly heroic as Skin-deep By Corinna Tolan.

Born ahead of these strange times, we find ourselves in, and proving to be the perfect antidote. I came up with the idea of this subscription box as I knew how wonderful it felt having a box of skincare and goodies sent to you. That experience was something I wanted to replicate for my clients. I have always appreciated the change of season and wanted to incorporate that into the experience box.

Mindful that my clients wouldn't want a bathroom full of products they don't need or know how to use, I incorporated an educational video for each box. Every item is selected based on the value it has brought to my life. It must also suit all skin types, man or woman and suit pregnant clients.

Skin-deep by Corinna Tolan has brought so much value to Monica Tolan, The skin Experts. As a team, we have grown and developed creating these boxes. We are overwhelmed and motivated by the fantastic feedback as each box is opened by or subscribers. This box has been the only outlet for many clients during the pandemic. Many have been shut off from family and friends. A big box of love and positivity coming up their drive in a dull and dismal time.

Not all hero wear capes. Some are tied up in tissue paper, in a SkinDeep box.

Hi Everyone,

My name is Leah, I am from Dublin and I have worked for Monica Tolan the Skin Experts for almost 3 years now. I first started as a part-time receptionist in Balbriggan while completing my Business Degree at Dundalk Institute of Technology. When leaving school, I originally planned to be a beauty therapist, studying beauty therapy in Blackrock College of Further Education for one year. Upon finishing this course, I decided that being a therapist was not the route for me, but I still had a passion and love for skin and wanted to work in the industry. When the opportunity at Monica Tolan became available, I jumped on it. After lockdown March 2020 I progressed within my role to Training co-ordinator, ensuring all our amazing therapists are trained to the highest standard. I also look after our HR needs and developed an e-learning platform to keep our therapists up to date. This opportunity was one I could not pass as I wanted to grow within the company. I have learned so much from both Rhona and Corinna in such a short space of time within this fast paced industry. I am currently in my Final year of my Business degree and in May I will be continuing my role as Training coordinator full time and more. I am proud to work under the Monica Tolan name, coming to work every-day is a joy. Our team is one big family which I love dearly.

Love Leah x

Stay safe & well

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