Men - O - Pause


Derived from the Latin word of WTF is happening to me. A time in a woman's life where she means to laugh but cries, she is either on fire or freezing, wants to diet and eat everything in sight. We all have people in our lives who either are going through or will go through menopause and if you have ovaries, I hope you are one of the lucky ones who gets to go through this transition also. I remember simultaneously hitting puberty at the same time my mum was menopausal. Now that was firey..

The best way I can explain to you who may not be familiar with what exactly is occurring in menopause is this.

Menopause is all about the ovary-brain experience. Before menopause, the ovaries are ovulating. Imagine ovulating being like trying to get into an exclusive nightclub. (The uterus is, after all, very exclusive). Imagine your eggs to be the party-goers and the brain to be the club owner. Then the bouncers are your hormones. So we may lose a few friends in the Queue (Usually Me), then the bouncer may decide a few aren't (Ahem) healthy enough and should go home. Then the bouncer lets one, maybe two high-quality party goers in. This process occurs every month. When the menopause transition starts to happen, it's this process that changes. At the beginning of this transition (Peri-menopause), the bouncer (Hormones) may decide to let in 3-4 eggs in at a time, or the party goers may get fed up and leave the queue early, and no eggs go it. For a while its mayhem. Eventually, eggs stop showing up to the part and estrogen levels drop.

One of the most common symptoms of perimenopause and menopause is hot flushes. This occurs because estrogen suppresses the nerves telling us we are hot. As our estrogen levels decrease, the nerves get jumpy and send acute, mixed messages. So we get the occasional onset for vasodilatation as our body fights to cool down. This is when our Multi- Award-Winning Cryoglobes will become your best friend. They will act as a magnet and pull this heat from your skin while calming you down at the same time.

With this time of transition, the fluctuation in hormones will incur changes in the skin.  Many experience drier skin and an occasional flare-up of rosacea. Those already on a skincare program with us are already ahead of the game. If not, I suggest you reach out to one of the skincare experts online and arrange a consultation. We can topically feed the skin many requirements to counteract the symptoms of menopause. We also have a range of supplements that contain all nutrients you require for general health and well being during menopause. The Pro Vitality Formula is not only a broad-spectrum multivitamin, it also contains powerful antioxidants, magnesium omega 3, and Vitamin C. Vitamin C is so essential as we are one of the few mammals who cant make our own. Also, it is impossible to make collagen if we don't have Vit C. Collagen levels dips after menopause, so Supplementing with Vitamin C and other nutrients will help. Skin youth biome from the advanced nutrition program is a very sophisticated probiotic that will make your gut happy and harmonious. It will raise hydration levels in the skin and improve pigmentation.  Dryness is another common symptom of menopause, vaginal and skin. If you feel like you need extra moisture, I recommend trying the Mesoesthetic Collagen 360 range. A firming cream developed from enriched marine collagen to counteract the loss and deterioration of collagen. You can add this into an existing skincare routine or use it alone morning and night.

For those of you that want an occasional treat and some light relief from the effects of menopause on your skin, I have the perfect solution. Mesoesthetic flash ampules. These are your secret weapons to counteract the effects of ageing on the skin. With immediate results, you invest in a box of 10 ampules, which are generously sized, so you should get 15-20 treatments out of them. We have five different ampoules that target various concerns; Melatonin, pollution defence and antiageing are insanely hydrating and calming.  While Glycolic E & F is brightening and resurfacing. Perfect for reducing pigmentation and smoothing the skin. Treat yourself or share them amongst your comrades. You can thank me later.

I promise my time with menopause won't end here. This subject deserves so much more conversation, and I promise to bring it up again soon. I believe lots of the negative vibes surrounding menopause is down to misogyny and ignorance. In most living species, once the reproductive years pass, the female dies. I believe women have evolved to outlive their reproductive years because women drive humanity. As Beyonce sings," Who runs the world, GIRLS."
Menopause is a badge of honour. It is a sign of strength, not a sign of weakness. Wear it proud. It has taken many tears and triumphs, happiness and heartbreak to carry you to this point in your life. If only you had this wisdom and sense of self in your 20's that you have now...
You are powerful, beautiful, brilliant and brave. One day you will tell your story of how you came through this, and it will be a daughters survival guide.

I salute you,

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Pro-Vitality Formula is a comprehensive wellbeing pack with a daily dose of six supplements: Skin Vitality 1, Skin Omegas+, Skin Antioxidant, Skin Vit C, Brain capsule and Energy capsule.

This comprehensive formula is ideal for supporting you through menopause, providing a balanced blend of vitamins, minerals and botanicals. 

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Hi my name is Fiona,

Having worked in financial services for 26 years, I decided on a change of scenery. I was fortunate that Monica was my Aunt, and I had grown up familiar with the runnings of a family business.  I remember Monica starting in her house and then progressing to the prefab in the back garden, to the salon where we are now.  So, after leaving financial services four years ago, I was thrilled when Rhona and Corinna asked me would I like to join the team in Balbriggan, where I started on reception part-time. I have since moved to operations in the Skin Rooms.


The Skin Rooms is a hub of activity, where we receive, pack up and send out all our online orders. This is an ever-evolving area of our business. A lot of love and effort goes into ensuring every client who receives a package in Monica Tolan's box knows how appreciated and valued they are to us. Over the last 18 months, we have experienced an unprecedented demand for our virtual services. We have grown as a team as a result of this and have elevated our services too. There has never been a more dynamic or exciting time to work in Monica Tolan's, and we are ready to eagerly anticipating what's to come. 

Stay safe & well