We Are Back in Action

We Are Back in Action

We are back in action

It feels so good to be back in the clinic, touching clients skin, feeling their energy. There is no greater feeling than scrolling through my client's photo portfolio and seeing how far we have come on our journey. I am so blessed to work in an environment where your job at hand is to make people feel better about themselves and restore their confidence. So I would love to give you a glimpse into clinic life and what happens on my couch. 


My first goal when I meet a client is to establish her goals and concerns. I am 25 years meeting clients and have learnt never to assume. I don't allow clients to choose the treatment before coming to see me. Instead, they will book in for customised treatment, and I will decide, based on the information they tell me and their skin tells me, how we proceed. Sometimes the weather will play a role in my decision making or a time frame. For example, if we are 16 weeks off a big occasion like a wedding, I may choose a trauma treatment to stimulate growth factors. That way, we will see the benefits emerge in time for the celebration. 


We play with the periodic table quite a lot in the clinic. Sometimes we peel a client to heal them. Other times, we must heal a client to peel them. A Peel is the use a substance with a lower PH balance to the skin to incur a healing response. The skins primary function is defence, so the time it will look most healthy and vibrant is when it is hard at work. Defending. To encourage cell renewal and collagen synthesis, we may need to temporarily threaten the skin. Imagine your skin to be an army of soldiers. The older and most experienced and capable cells to the front and the younger, more immature to the back. Like a lot of troops, when things are quiet and there is not much action, they may become lazy or sluggish. However, the first sign of a threat and the troops stand to attention, looking strong. This is how a peel or the use of a lower ph balance substance works. We also have sterilisation with peels as bacteria hate to live in a low PH balance, so they often wilt and die. 


Another modality we use in the clinic is micro needling. What I love most about micro-needling, unlike peels, is the skin is no more light-sensitive post-treatment than prior. This is a major positive as you have not impacted the skins ability to protect itself. At Monica Tolan's, skin health is always our goal, and we will avoid compromising its health in the pursuit of aesthetically more pleasing skin. With microneedling, we cause minuscule traumas to the skin that triggers minute bleeds. The growth factors that are released with these bleeds tell the brain to generate a mass amount of collagen, enough collagen that will continue to be laid for up to a year post-treatment.


We also make use of the microchannels or traumas formed and fill the skin with active ingredients. The result is a rejuvenated skin, revised scarring and reduced pigmentation.We also love to use micro-currents and sound waves to promote transdermal transportation of active formulas. Remembering that the skin is a defensive organ whose function is to keep all the good within and all the bad guys out. The use of microcurrents can significantly increase the permeability of the skin. Providing us with a tool that can racially change the skin, with minimum downtime and discomfort.

Our Treatment Rooms

Our treatment rooms have never been a more dynamic or exciting place to hang out. We are excited to have you join us. Please find a €10 discount voucher to use off a skin treatment in one of our three clinics (DID I SAY 3?)

Your welcome back gift

Hello I’m Paula,

I’m working at Monica Tolan’s a little over 2 years now. I am part of the Skin Rooms Team. I returned to Balbriggan having lived n Crete for 20 years where I married and had 2 sons.


I feel like my life has gone full circle having come back to my home town and reuniting with my old life. Visiting Monica Tolan’s Beauty Clinic was always a treat for me when I was home on a visit, and now working here with Rhona and Corinna and the rest of the ladies is just a joy every day. 


My job each day is to take the clients orders over the phone or online. I then get the order together and send out to the client. Each order that leaves here is sent with pride and love and we hope our client feels that when they receive their package.

Stay safe & well