Look after barrier function, and let the skin do the rest

The Winter has set in, the clocks have been turned back, no doubt this time of year means we can wear no bra and our pyjamas to the shop. But it also plays havoc with our Horney layer.

Our epidermis comprises of 5 layers within it. The health and structure of these layers will determine the health of our skin. It acts as two fold, keeping all hydration in the skin and shutting off free radical attack from outside. This is why over-exfoliation of the epidermis can wreak havoc on your skins health and undo a lot of the work you have put into building it up.

A lot of people think Vit A exfoliates the skin, the reason being, when a very aggressive form or high dose is applied, the skin gets stressed and sheds. However when the skin is drip fed Vit A in a tolerable dose, then the skin reaps all the benefits. These benefits include a thicker stratum corneum, and a smooth cuticle that will reflect light and give that amazing glow affiliated with Environ skincare users.

The Winter tends to compromise the skins barrier, most likely caused by central heating, cold wind outside and heating in the car. This can cause the skin to feel dehydrated and sensitised. It can also potentially lead to more absorption of skincare ingredients which can cause irritation. There are a number of strategies you can employ to prevent this happening.

What I reach for when treating impaired barriers 

Super Moisturiser

A comforting moisturising formulated specifically to harbour better activity from your own natural moisturising factor. Kind of like rehab for an impaired barrier, it contains Pentavitin the rehabilitating ingredient, and Revidrate to strengthen and promote hydration. Vitamin B5, E and C are also free radical scavengers to fight stress and oxidation .

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Super moisture lock plus from Advanced Nutrition Program 

When it comes to treating dehydration and dry skin, supplementation is your fast track pass to reform. This pack contains all the key essentials ingredients lock down your epidermis and keep it plump and hydrated.

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Ultimate boost serum from AlumierMD

This light weight hydrating serum is both immensely hydrating and anti-ageing. It contains Matrixes Synthe 6, a tripeptide or protein that affects 6 major constitutes of skin related structure and resilience, Hyaluronic acid, a humectant that pulls 1000 times it's weight to itself, and Tetra-peptide, a redness reliving peptide with the anti oxidant properties of tea and calming qualities of honey. Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) also increases ceramics and fatty acids in the skin which are key components of its protective lipid barrier.

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Hero Products

Our hero products are extra special this time as they have been selected by my mentor & head of education for Environ skincare & Advanced Nutrition program UK & Ireland Ms Claire Muir.

Body Duo

The body duo from Environ skincare is both corrective & rehabilitating. We cocktail two incredible modalities together to formulate the most powerful body treatment available for home use. Dermalac is both exfoliating & softening as well as hydrating & brightening. That themed with the corrective & rehabilitating properties of ACE oil is all you need to have beautiful, healthy skin from head to toe for a lifetime. 

Revival mask

Herald a face lift in a jar, revival mask combines 3 different AHA that mimic an attack on the skin, releasing powers growth factors & collagen that would otherwise be redundant. Resulting in an instant life & smoothness that will diminish pore size and remove fine lines. Know I’m the industry to be the closest thing to skin needling on our shelf.

Suits for all skin types & safe to use when pregnant & breast feeding. 

Youth biome

As Claire has gone through treatment for breast cancer, she knows too well the horrendous side effects of aggressive medical intervention. For this reason, she has come to love & rely on all the incredible benefits of feeding her gut with youth biome probiotic - the only probiotic in the world formulated with skin in mind. Our Nutritional and Skin Experts have professionally fused together 5 billion live cultures of four scientifically studied bacterial strains with vitamin C to support skin collagen formation and give a smoother, more youthful-looking complexion.

This combination of beneficial bacteria and vitamin C help support and maintain a normal healthy gut flora which provides benefits for all skin types and ages. The live bacteria strains are housed within a protective capsule matrix which ensures they reach the areas of the gut where they are needed the most. To further preserve ingredient integrity and activity, these one-a-day Skin Youth Biome™ capsules are pristinely packed in nitrogen-flushed, aluminium pods.


Meet the Skin Expert Team:

My name is Shauna, I am from County Carlow and I work for Monica Tolans Skin Clinic in Malahide for the past 2 years. My love for skin started in secondary school, when I constantly watched skin care videos and I would notice large amounts of students and teachers struggle with skin difficulties such as acne, eczema, rosacea etc and wanting to be able to help people with these problems which was my future aim. In 5th year, I decided that I definitely wanted to work in the skin industry in the future.

I graduated from Coogan Bergin College in Dublin City Centre, where I achieved my qualifications in CIBTAC & CIDESCO, all things beauty and skin care, but I always knew skin care was my main focus.

As part of my case study in my thesis I studied how environ skincare treats the skin and learned so much from Corinna’s Instagram which I always followed throughout the years because I was and still am amazed by Corinna’s knowledge.

After I graduated I seen that Monica Tolans Malahide was looking for a therapist and I applied and with luck I was hired and I am very grateful to be able to work under Monica Tolan’s name!

My favourite aspect from working in Monica Tolans is the training and knowledge that you learn constantly while working with a great group of colleagues, which I’m lucky enough to call my friends.

My favourite treatment is CST needling, as I know every client will see results whether it is the difference in scaring, fine lines/wrinkles or just overall skin health.

The most important objective with all my clients is to ensure they are improving their skin health and noticing huge results.

I am so grateful for all my past and current clients and hopefully will help loads of new clients reach their results in the future whether it’s in clinic or over the phone in our amazing virtual online services.

I wish you all the best!

Kind Regards,  Shauna

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