Use it or Loose it

Use it or Loose it

Could Botox cause your face to drop?

The answer is yes. Botox is a single-modality tool. It freezes or paralyses the muscle it's injected into. That's it. Botox won't give you healthy skin. In fact, Botox is administered into the subcutaneous muscle, not the skin. What botox will do is paralyse the muscle so the skin over it doesn't move. Therefore, wrinkling of the skin won't occur. However, there are side effects to a muscle that is no longer in use. The muscle will weaken and shrink. This will reduce the volume of the forehead, making it look more skeleton. Volume loss in the face is a sign of aging. There will also be a weakening of the frontalis muscle. This forehead muscle suspends the eyebrows and gives tension to the upper face. If this weakens, we lose the ability to lift our eyebrows so they will sag more, causing more hooding.

How to prevent this occurring...

When Botox first came about, there was a rush to have this frozen forehead effect. The moment movement started to come back, you'd rush back to your practitioner for a top-up. Given the massive profits to be made in this industry, I doubt many practitioners were sorry to see you return. If your goal is to age less rapidly, and prevent lines at rest, then you need to avoid constant repetition of botox injections. You need to allow the muscle time to move and strengthen.
This period will be sufficient to prevent the nasty side effects mentioned above but not enough time to allow permanent lines at rest form. Another thing to be mindful of is starting botox injections too young, as this will inevitably lead to an early onset of these side effects, but also the body, being the amazing vessel that it is, can form antibodies against the botox. Resulting in you requiring a lot more products in the future to achieve the desired effect, or potentially rendering botox redundant for you permanently. My recommendation is to inject max twice a year.


I had a super night celebrating my sister in laws 50th Birthday Saturday night. She is a formidable woman who is just coming into the prime of her life. When I was in London the week running up to it, a team from Jane Iredale Make Up came to see me. They were eager to show me some new products that they had recently launched. One was a mattifying primer, the other a newly formulated glow time foundation ( formally BB)

Well, all I can say is they knew what they were doing. I instantly fell in love. Some of you may notice that my skin shines ( I like to say Glows) a lot. I am good with this as it's a sign of youth and being 44. I'm holding on to these highly functioning oil glands. It's a very common trait of Environ skincare users. When I applied this primer, it was like my oil gland were sucked tight, and I was left with an almost cashmere feel to y skin. The foundation glided on effortlessly. And remained in place all night. A must for oily or menopausal skin that tends to shine or make-up slips as the night goes on. The foundation was so beautiful. It gave me such beautiful, natural coverage without looking caked. I wore shade GT4 but click here if you'd like to colour-match yourself. So many of you asked about my eye makeup too. Its a palette from Tom Ford Beauty called Honeymoon, I got mine in The Loop, Dublin Airport

New Tools

Before investing in any new makeup, make sure that your tools are up to scratch. I launched this makeup brush tool kit to the Markey earlier this year after being noting so many of my friends and family were use really old , tired looking brushes and weren't sure where to start when looking for new ones. They have been a huge hit and the quality is amazing. I am giving you guys the oppertunity to purchase a set at half price this weekend. So even if your brushes are in great shape, this would make a super Christmas present for a friend x

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