We have entered "Negative response Weather", and I am here to tell you why and what to do.

We have entered "Negative response Weather", and I am here to tell you why and what to do.

What is a negative response to Vitamin A?
We all know that Vitamin A is as vital for healthy skin as Oxygen is for life. The reason being is it's essential for cell proliferation. Basic daylight will deplete Vitamin A in the cell, so if we are to undo the damage that that day of living has done to our skin, then we must replenish the Vitamin A within our skin cells at least once, preferably twice a day. Now, the tricky part is Vitamin A has huge potential to irritate the skin, particularly the skin that needs it most (unhealthy skin), so we must manage delivery.
A typical negative response will manifest as stinging, tender, inflamed and possibly itchy  skin. If you choose to work with the MOST irritating form of Vit A (Tretinoin), Then forget it. You will be permanently on the cusp of a negative response and are less likely ever to reach a high dose. However, if you use the formulations I work with, then you only require caution when increase dosage, daylight hours reduce and you start to wear high-neck clothing. 

From what I can determine, there are three major contributing factors to consider when trying to avoid a negative response to Vit A. 

What area of skin is the negative response occurring in

How much daylight is the area exposed to

What dosage Vit A is being applied 

The area of skin that is the thinnest will always respond negatively first, so the delicate skin around the eyes and the skin on the neck. You will get some warning signs before a negative response occurs. My advice is to heed them and pull back on Vit A on that area for 2-3 days. If you are cocktailing, Youth essentiA serums are retinol. You can omit these for the 2-3 days and continue with AVST application. Just doing that alone will seriously halt the response. A major trigger of a negative response on the neck is scarfs,chokers and high-neck sweaters. You may even have to choose between Vit A application in this area or high-neck clothing for the Autumn/Winter seasons. 

Happy Glowing Skin 

Without a doubt, clients that supplement with oral Vitamin A (There is no risk of irritation from Vit A when ingested) Are far less likely to encounter a negative response to Vit A as the dermis cells have been exposed to a higher dosage. I have also found that clients who up their skin omegas from 2 to 4-6 a day can cure a prevent a negative response.
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My Response To A Negative Response
Here are my Top Three Hero Products to manage your negative response. All three of these products are packed with potent peptides and antioxidants, so we aren't compromising on results while stepping aside from Vitamin A. I suggest you stop Vit A if you feel a negative response is in the post and load up on one of these. Then slowly reintroduce Vit A. Some clients will never tolerate high-level Vit A on the neck, while others will struggle only in the winter months. The body contour cream contains B5, a skin ingredient known for its calming, soothing and anti-itch properties.It also breaks down fat cells so ideal for that double chin. This also has a brilliant price point at €52, however, gran it at the moment with the ~Body Duo and it's all yours for just €2. 


Final Tip, It is always smart to have some hydrocortisone cream in your bathroom cabinet if required.

I am a huge fan of Canesten cream, which contains hydra cortisone. I find it very soothing and comforting if the girls or I ever experience irritated skin.

Remember, best looking at it than to look for it. 

 CLICK HERE to watch my video on 'How to deal with a negative response to Vitamin A on the skin'  I created this video for you to dive deeper!