Your Favourite Facemasks

Today’s To Do List

  • Exercise
  • Work from home
  • Put on a facemask

Have you ever had a facial in a salon or put a facemask on at home after a tough day? If yes, you’ll know the feeling, if no, delay no further…

With an instant blend of freshness, relaxation and topical treatment, there is no better way to de-stress your skin and yourself.

At the best of times this time of year can play havoc on your skin, but now, more than ever, use this opportunity to look after your complexion and feel as healthy as possible.

The indoor heating and outside cold air might be drying out your skin, you might be experiencing increased levels of stress or perhaps you have a reduced amount of natural Vitamin D and a bad diet to contend with;

this can all play a part in skin looking dark, dry and uneven.

If you are looking to improve your complexion, increase hydration, reduce excess oils, tighten and control blemish outbreaks and impurities or you simply need a time out; we may have just what you need.

Tri Biobotanical Revival Masque

Formulated with hydroxyl acids this mask is like an instant facelift. The Environ Focus Care rejuvenates with its combination of mineral-rich ingredients that targets problematic skin. Apply 2-3 times a week for 20 minutes of pure bliss and serenity.

This treatment can also be used as an overnight remedy to really boost, nourish and even out the skins surface.

We love this masque, it’s relaxing, smells gorgeous and it’s great for improving your skin.

Glycolic Peel Mask

The advanced formula glides on simply for superior coverage and peels off just as easily. Specifically designed to reduce scaring and lines while protecting against sun damage and acne.

This mask is infused with glycolic acid as it says on the tin and is incredibly luxurious and creamy in texture. Apply this facemask twice a week for around 10 minutes; great for those of you limited on time.

Giving yourself this moment can be invaluable to your overall wellbeing.

Make this time your happy time.

Clinicare EGF Pure Mask

Those of you looking to try out something new might favour this option.

The EGF Pure mask is a real problem-solver. The hyaluronic acid refreshes and hydrates the skin giving it glow and smoothness. Packed with soothing elements such as aloe vera, root, fruit and flower extracts and glycerine to provide moisturising and hydrating properties for irritable and problematic skin. This sheet mask is easy to apply and even easy and mess free to take off.

Though this mask is one-use only, long after the removal of the mask our clients feel like the nourishing ingredients linger to protect and care for your skin.

These tried and tested brands are perfect for regular use; great for achieving healthy results quickly and with noticeable transforming qualities they are perfect for at-home facial care.

Honestly, at times like this, when self-care and nourishment should be a priority, I feel like putting a facemask on can make you feel like it has magical powers! Instant relaxation, quick effects and perfect for selfisolated pampering to keep you feeling and looking brighter.

Send to a family member or friend to brighten their day or enjoy some “me” time; either way add it to your list of things to do today!