Welcome to Skin Deep by Corinna Tolan Healing From Deep Within

I am so thrilled to invite you to Skin Deep by Corinna Tolan.

For many of us, we are on a life long journey to find a little piece of happiness that is just for ourselves, and I say, why not!

Through searching for my own inner peace, joy and happiness, I discovered it was through taking care of my skin and physically seeing the benefits that I was at my happiest. I loved this feeling so much I made a career out of it. Today, it is still one of the most rewarding achievements and truest pleasures that I get to experience every single day.

Why I created Skin Deep by Corinna Tolan

We are excited to welcome you to a little piece of heaven delivered straight to your door.

Creating this subscription box was something we at Monica Tolan always wanted to do, but in truth, I knew to create it had to be perfect for you. The packaging was just as important as the products, and I’m glad we thought that way. Now, more than ever opening a beautifully presented box with a range of products inside that WILL change your day-to-day-life is just what is needed. The products themselves are truly beautiful and are for all skin types. We wanted to ensure you could have the same access and daily routine experience as myself, so we took our time. The result was better than any of us could have hoped for. We selected the exact products that would get you looking and feeling incredible and so our stunning subscription boxes were born!

The Journey To Paying It Forward

This mantra of paying kindness with kindness is something I have been thinking
about a lot lately.

This pandemic shook the world and finding peace and calm inside this bubble we currently live in is not always been easy. Launching Skin Deep by Corinna Tolan gave me a chance to connect with my clients, my friends and my followers on a completely different level. Feeling more connected to each other has been one of the few joys I can grab on to during this time. By communicating with you on Instagram, my podcast, through my tutorials and with this subscription box, we have all grown closer as a community and I love it!

I wanted to start a dialogue by sharing my favourite products and best practice
techniques that I have cultivated; it has felt wonderful to share and has bought us all closer together.

Over the years and particularly over the last few months, many of you have shared stories with me of troublesome and problematic skin and about your personal journey to finding flawless skin, so I knew the subscription box had to be perfect.

During this unsettling time, I believe it has also been the best time to start perfecting your skincare routine; with the subscription box, the aim is just that, skin perfection.

Many of my clients and followers have lovely stories of sharing their Skin Deep boxset with their lockdown companion; a mother and daughter, two sisters, friends or even husband and wife. The beauty of paying it forward continues to flow forward.

Healing Is More Than Just Skin Deep

I am so fortunate to have found skincare. Not only have I spent some 20 odd years building a career out of it, but it also benefits me day in, day out.

There has been little more thrilling to me than seeing how the industry I have
dedicated my career to has changed, not just the treatments but the evolution of
products and brands, processes and procedures. I have been lucky enough to
explore skincare and inspiration from across the world through speaking and
learning from experts such Dr Des Fernandes, David Alpert and Cristin Mercer. It is through these collaborations that I have realised the range of benefits skincare can have on your physical appearance but also your overall mentality.

Allowing yourself to build a skincare regime that you look forward to achieving is the goal; in all honesty, I have seen it with my clients for years. By creating a routine, that genuinely results in beautiful looking and feeling skin, you will find your confidence grows, you come to look forward to using your products, doing
something truly proactive for yourself and it creates a lifestyle and mindset that
encompasses calmness and joy; something that you can obtain, every day!

Sharing Skin Deep by Corinna Tolan with all my clients, followers and friends became my way to give something tangible back. The truth is, the world is crazy and volatile but also beautiful and unpredictable, so for me, paying it forward really meant bringing you some calm and joy regardless of what is happening outside.

There is no bad time to start taking care of your skin…

Thank you for joining me on this journey to true and natural beauty,

Love Corinna xXx